Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things that motivate… by Raine English

I find it interesting to discover what motivates people…and it seems many feel the same, because the number one question I get asked as an author is where I get my motivation.

 I’ve always had a very active imagination. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. It’s my creative outlet—the way I choose to express myself. Stories pop in and out of my head, triggered by anything that might happen in the course of a day. A news headline, bits and pieces of a conversation overheard at a coffee shop, or the faded, sad eyes of an elderly woman in the supermarket as she puts only enough groceries in her shopping cart for one. These little pieces of human emotion are the seeds of stories.

Writing is a way of leaving reality behind for a while and becoming immersed in make-believe. In Tin Angel, a Christmas fairy tale, a lonely old woman’s wish to relive her life is granted by a magical angel tree topper. The idea for the story came from a beautiful tin angel my parents purchased right after they married. Placing that angel on top of the Christmas tree was my favorite part of trimming the tree.

My latest release gives a couple a second chance at romance when they embark on a snowy journey to return a lost engagement ring found inside the drawer of a music box. My daughter began collecting music boxes when she was a little girl and has nearly twenty now. One day as I was dusting them, a story idea began to form, resulting in Forever My Valentine.

Motivation is everywhere. We just have to look for it. What motivates you?


Raine English lives in New England with her family and her constant companion, Bailey, a French bulldog. To find out more about Raine and her books visit

Her newest release is Forever My Valentine available on Amazon.


  1. I love your theme of second chances in both books. I think we all wish we could go back and do some things over...or wonder about the road we didn't take, long ago. Both of your books sound wonderful!

  2. Strange what motivates me. I get ideas from lots of places like you, but I lose my motivations sometimes when I feel burned out with all the writing. But just going for a walk in the countryside fills my motivation well again.

  3. Love this story, Raine. Glad to see it's available as a single now.

  4. I loved this post, Raine! I so agree about motivation. It's in the everyday things. Beautiful story about your daughter's jewelry box. Sounds like an excellent novel!

  5. I'm motivated by so many things I see. The first story I sold came about after seeing a guy paying attention to a child in a way that made me sigh. I thought, "He needs a story" so I gave him one!