Tuesday, December 12, 2023


The hectic Christmas season has arrived. My tree and decorations are up, and I am working on my Christmas cards. My shopping is done, so next up is wrapping presents. I like finishing my shopping early, so I can have time to relax and appreciate the season. One way I relax is by reading.

 Today, I want to tell you about a fun Christmas mystery novella collection, An1880s Christmas Mysteries. I wrote the 1st and 3rd stories in this collection set during the Christmas season. My good friend, Susan Page Davis wrote the 2nd and 4th stories. Each novella has its own mystery, but there is also an interesting mystery that runs through all four stories. This is the perfect book for a break in the busy Christmas Season.

The Marshal Next Door is the first novella in An 1880s Christmas Mysteries.

When Marshal Justin Yates' deputy claims he’s seen Justin’s teenage twin sisters snooping around businesses where there have been recent robberies, Justin can’t believe his sisters might be thieves, but when evidence is found in his house, will he have to arrest the twins at Christmastime?

In hopes of making his sisters more genteel, he asks his neighbor, Marta, for help. At first, Marta is stunned since the marshal rarely talks to her, but then she realizes the motherless teens could benefit from learning to cook and sew better. The hard part is not allowing the busy marshal to know she's far too attracted to him.

To make matters worse, Justin is starting to fall for his deputy's sister. He can only imagine what the man will say about that. Will Justin prove his sisters are innocent or will this Christmas turn out to be the worst since his parents died?


The Spinsters Next Door by Susan Page Davis (1880s Christmas Mysteries
Book 2)

The third novella in the series is The Outlaw Next Door, written by me. It's the story of a good-hearted man with a sketchy past and a woman he's certain he doesn't deserve.

A reformed outlaw has finally met the woman of his dreams. Regina Ross is the perfect woman: pretty, sweet, and kind. She's far too good for the likes of Dane McDermott, but Dane can't help being attracted to her. In spite of his rough past, he begins to hope for a future with Regina, but when his former gang shows up and kidnaps her, will it ruin his chance for love with the preacher’s daughter?


The Gunslinger Next Door by Susan Page Davis (1880s Christmas Mysteries Book 4)

The four books in this collection are best read in order, but each is a stand-alone novella. The stories take place in the same small Texas town, with characters you'll recognize from the other stories. Each story is $2.99, which is less than $12 for the whole series. Free on KU. I'd love to know what you think of this exciting mystery series. 

Have a blessed Christmas!

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