Monday, December 4, 2023

Bargain Books: Kindle Unlimited 2-in-1 Collection

Now both books in one volume. Enjoy this compilation of two of Cheryl St.John's most beloved books in one volume. Previously published individually as HEAVEN CAN WAIT and RAIN SHADOW, Jakob and Anton Neubauer find the road to wedded bliss rocky and full of twists and turns.


Jakob needs a wife. A farmer needs a helpmate and–it’s better to marry than to burn. The beautiful young woman in the bakery is the most fascinating person he’s ever met, and he wastes no time asking her to marry him.

Lydia has dreamed of life outside her strict community. Words like ‘handsome’ are vain and worldly, but the tall fair-haired Outsider sets her heart—and her world on fire. For the first time Lydia has a choice, and she chooses to marry the strapping suntanned farmer and leave all that’s familiar behind.

Jakob soon questions his ability to replace all she’s forfeited and prove himself worthy of such a precious gift. He offers love and passion, but will she ever fit into his world?

“HEAVEN CAN WAIT was like a special gift.” – author Liz Flaherty


Raised by the Lakota Sioux and traveling with the Wild West Show, Rain Shadow won't settle for les than making a name for herself. She is unprepared for a forced stay at the home of Anton Neubauer while her son recuperates. He is a rock, a man who has lived on and farmed the same several hundred acres since he was young.

The exotic Lakota princess Rain Shadow’s proud confidence was appealing, but rare glimpses of vulnerability draw Anton even more surely. As a star attraction in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, she was unforgettable. If only he’d met her before his heart had turned to stone. But fate, two little boys and two old men conspire to keep them together, and it’s too late to deny their passion once love is part of the equation.

“…a beautifully moving novel by an author who knows how to create sympathetic characters.” – Affaire de Coeur

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