Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Taking A Mid-year Look At Those New Year's Resolutions

July is a good month for a reset. It’s a little more than halfway through the year. So I looked at what I’d hoped to accomplish in January to see if I had a chance of making it.  

Some of the things I wanted to accomplish were:

❤️Keep track of the books I read.

❤️Read ninety-six books. 

❤️Enjoy a non-literary hobby (which is funny because it contradicts the aforementioned goal LOL) 

❤️Run three times a week.

Well, when I sat down to assess my progress. I had to laugh because my book tracking lasted until March. The last quarter of school passed by faster than a blink. 

So you see where this is going. Yes, I enjoyed my literary hobby and didn’t track it, and I did it in the comfort of my favorite sweats in the corner of the couch with lots of hot cocoa. 

Not knowing where to start to resume my good intentions, I turned to my favorite resource. The Sweet Romance Reads Authors.

It started with listening to Laura’s Christian Suspense books on YouTube. (psst they're full-length books) the suspense is at the perfect level. It’s enough that I feel like I have to move, so I listen to her stories when I am out on a  run. 

Then as a reward, I tried some of Donna’s recipes, beginning with the Lemon Curd Cake. I didn’t have lemon curd, so I used lemon pie filling. I topped the cake with sugared berries because it’s summer, and I wanted to be fancy. It was more than my husband, and I could eat. So I brought the cake to share with our Uncle Elmer. Whatever we didn’t eat, he
shared with the nurses. 

Before I left, I asked Uncle Elmer if he had any requests for our next visit. He asked for the lemon cake. So I’ll have to find other friends to sample the other recipes Donna has shared on the blog. 

Here's the link to Visit Laura Scott’s Page . Remember to subscribe so you know where to find all of her stories and get updates.

If you try Donna's Lemon Curd Cake recipe can you share in one of the comments or in the Facebook group how it turned out. Have you kept any of those good intentions from January?

Share in the comments. We can celebrate if you made it and laugh together at what past us thought the future would look like.


  1. Sadly I never make New Year's resolutions.

  2. I only make ones I’ll have fun trying to accomplish. 😉

  3. I don't usually make resolutions. I should be better at setting goals, but it seems like the past pace of life keeps us busier than a person needs to be with less time to get things accomplished.