Wednesday, July 5, 2023

New Book Covers, and a day of surprises! Roxanne Rustand


What a wonderful fourth of July holiday!

"Come up for lunch," our daughter said. We arrived and were just stunned.

All three of our kids and their spouses, five grands (the two oldest couldn't make it), my brother, and the boys' best friend from childhood, who spent a lot of time at our house while growing up, were there, setting up a big birthday cook-out!

Andy and his family had come all the way from Central Wisconsin, and my brother drove down from Minnesota. A surprise birthday party!! I was overwhelmed and overjoyed!

By the end of the afternoon, the eighteen-month-old babies, who were born 9 days apart, were exhausted. Such sweet treasures to hold! My heart was overflowing! I am blessed to be able to see Catalina often, but Sam not nearly enough. And to hold him in my arms while he napped was such a treasure.

Joe's birthday and mine are five days apart, on either side of the Fourth of July. Family is absolutely everything to me, and this gift of time with them was priceless. It was an incredible surprise for both of us!!!

Do you have a birthday celebration that you will always remember? Leave a comment and you will be in a free drawing for my LETHAL PURSUIT e-book!

Now another question.

Have you ever bought a product based on the name or its packaging, only to find that the item wasn't anywhere close to what you expected? Sometimes authors accidentally do that with covers or book titles that aren't exactly right. Well, I did that and it took me way too long to realize it!

I loved the sweet titles and covers for my Northern Pines series (One More Kiss, One More Wish, One More Dance) but just a month ago realized they were all wrong. Readers surely wouldn't expect romance and suspense!

What do you think of this new book cover and title? Do they convey clean romantic suspense to you? What would you change?

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


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  1. I love this cover with the guy and puppy a lot ❤