Friday, July 21, 2023

Summer Luvin by Janice Lynn

Did my title have you hearing John and Olivia belting out? :) Over the years I've written a few books set at the beach. I always feel a bit of longing each time I do or when I go back to reread them as I generally write beaches that I'm familiar with. My latest release, Heart Doctor's Summer Reunion, is set on Fripp Island, South Carolina. I spent a week there working on a Wrapped Up Hallmark books and took breaks to explore the island to research for this story. At the time, I didn't know my hero or heroine, just the setting for their story and let that setting drive their characterization and their storyline.

Fripp was a really neat island to visit as it didn't have a commercial feel to me, but more a relaxed family vibe. Many of the things around the island that the characters did in the story were things that my friend, Susan Sands, and I did during our writing retreat on Fripp. Because this story didn't come out until two years later, I almost got myself into trouble with my readers, though, as an abandoned research facility that had been damaged during a hurricane had since been torn down. Last minute, I had to go in and make some changes to reflect that. (Kayaking in the bay)

(abandoned research facility)
(remaining pieces of the dock)

(exploring around the old facility that has since been demolished)

When visiting the beach, are you a quiet and relaxing and the less people the better? Or do you prefer the crowds with your laughter and sunshine? Are you an active beachgoer (walking, jogging, frisbee, volleyball, swimming, etc.) or a soak-up-the-rays while relaxing kinda person? I'm not one for sunbathing--too pale and redheaded--but I do love to walk on the beach with the water lapping at my feet. And if I have an umbrella to give me shade, a good book, and the sound of the waves as my music, I'm a happy girl. 

What's your favorite way to experience the beach? Did you grow up having a special summer/beach vacation you went on with family?

On the summer luvin title, well, I could totally picture Linc and Lottie playing in the surf as teens the way that Danny and Sandy did in Grease. It sure was fun to write their story of them coming back together at Fripp more than a decade later as successful adults ready for forever luvin. 

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