Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Remembering by Laura Scott


I realize Memorial Day was technically yesterday, but I wanted to do my part in thanking all of those servicemen and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It seems especially poignant this year as my hubby and I take an anniversary cruise down the Rhine river, seeing cities impacted by the war that was so long ago.

My Uncle Bob was a WWII vet, he didn't die in the South Pacific, but I know he returned home a different man. I didn't understand why he hated Fourth of July fireworks, or had a weird obsession in wanting women to have short hair. I knew he was often sick with malaria from his time overseas. And I am proud to know  he was awarded a medal of honor because he threw himself on a grenade that was tossed in his fox hole, but the grenade didn't go off. A true hero, in my book.

Yet I also understand so many men and women didn't come home. They gave their lives for the rest of us to live in the land of the free and the brave. 

I hope that you took a moment to remember loved ones, acquaintances or even strangers who died for us over the holiday weekend. Memorial Day is more than the start of summer. It's a day to honor those who sacrificed for us.

My book, A Soldier's Promise is still free on all sites. The hero in this book didn't serve in World War II or give his life for his country, but he is determined to do whatever is necessary to save his daughter. Why not give the story a try?

A Soldier's Promise by Laura Scott FREE

Can he trust her with his secret?

Reeling from a broken engagement resulting in a small town scandal, ER nurse Julie Crain wants to be left alone over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. But when single dad Derek Ryerson and his young daughter need a place to stay to recuperate from a car crash, she can't ignore their plight. She knows she needs to protect her heart, but little Lexi needs love and support.

Derek is the strong silent type, insisting on helping despite being injured. He seems too good to be true, and maybe he is. Because she soon realizes the former soldier has a secret that could tear them apart, forever.

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