Monday, May 1, 2023

Lyn Cote Invites You to a Party!

It's not just my party. It's the party of this group of authors, Sweet Romance, Reads authors. 

Thursday we are holding our spring party. 

There will be games, prizes, and personal anecdotes from over 20 authors. The Facebook party is Thursday from 3 PM to 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time. 

Anyone can read what is on the party at the Sweet Romance Reads Café,

BUT if you want to leave a comment and qualify for a prize, you need to click e Sweet Romance Reads Café, and then click "Join." I would do it as early as possible so that you can participate. 

And if you're too busy at that time, no aorries! The prizes remain open so the fun continues through Friday till 6PM PDT.

Now for more good news. My book Hannah's Hometown Hero will be on sale for only $.99  the 4th through the 10th.

Can a shy girl find her moxie and win her hometown hero?  Or “let” him win her?

Here’s a taste:

“Guthrie couldn’t e Sweet Romance Reads Café,.

Reaching over, he pulled Hannah to him. He just wanted to comfort her. But the feeling of her softness in his arms went to his head. He kissed her hair, fragrant of spices, then her eyebrows. Her eyes closed. He kissed her eyelids, first one, then the other. Petal soft. Such softness brought feelings, emotions bubbling up from deep inside him.

Tilting up her chin, Hannah smoothed back his golden hair, then rested her hand on his chest.

A warmth, healing and vital, flowed through him like a cleansing prayer. ‘Hannah, you’re a wonderful woman. You make me believe…’ Maybe he might get a second chance, after all.”

Here’s one reader’s review

“Hannah's Hometown Hero is a Christian, heartwarming, inspirational romance. I would like to give this book 10 stars but, of course, that is not allowed. The characters and plot in this well written book really resonated with me. Hannah found a much richer life when she turned everything over to God. Guthrie's aunts add a very special touch to this awesome book. Guthrie reminded me of someone who has a servant's mind. You really do not want to miss this book. I could not put it down.”

So come to our party and Thursday or even Friday~ And on Thursday, go to Amazon and get your copy of  Hannah's Hometown Hero~--Lyn

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