Saturday, January 7, 2023

Who Knows What Today Is? ~ Jean C. Gordon


It's National Bobblehead Day. I can say that I don't have any bobbleheads and never had. But lots of people collect them. What I found interesting when I received my alert about Bobblehead Day is how long bobbleheads have been around.

A Bobblehead Timeline

1700s: "Temple Nodders," the earliest known bobbleheads, modeled after Buddha and other religious figures. 

1760s: Bobbleheads make their way from China to Europe.

1920s: The first sports bobblehead featured a generic baseball player.

1964: The Beatles were one of the first sets of human bobbleheads that weren't sports figures.

1999: To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Candlestick Park, the San Francisco Giants gave 20,000 visitors a Willie Mays bobblehead. The giveaway rekindled interest in bobbleheads, which had declined in the 1970s.

2015: The first National Bobblehead Day celebrated and one of two surviving 1961-62 New York Yankees team was auctioned for almost $60,000.

Do you have any bobbleheads? What ones? 

Now Available at All Online Book Vendors

After being exclusive on Kindle Unlimited for a while, in anticipation of my next Paradox Lake Sweet Romance in February the whole series is back on other online book vendors--in case you've missed any of them. 

I can vouch that none of my characters are available as a bobblehead, but their stories do offer you heartwarming reads.


(My February 14 Release)

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