Friday, January 6, 2023

Bargains for our Readers!


 If you'd like something to read that will not bore you, how about my Northern Intrigue Books 1-3 collection? If you mark your calendars for January 6 through the 12th you can purchase it for 90% off. It's usually 9.99 for three full length Christian mystery romances. For this limited time it will be $.99.

Here’s the scoop!

A small town where everyone knows everyone. Or do they? Who is the silent thief in the night? Who is setting fiery surprises and why? Is there a stalker? And more questions of who and why must be solved. Yet in the midst of the danger around them, unlikely couples find the courage to love. And faith to trust God. Why not download this suspenseful romance by a USA Today Bestselling Author today?

Welcome to Steadfast, Wisconsin, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget. Click here for more info.


From Josie Rivera --Another bargain!

Ring in the new year with my sweet, small town romance celebrating New Year's.  

A Chocolate-Box New Years is on a 99 cent Kindle Countdown. (US residents only.) 

Grab your copy of this clean and wholesome ebook today before the price goes up, because fresh pasta isn't the only thing that takes extra time.


Cheryl St.John's Dancing in the Dark is FREE from January 3rd to the 7th.

He’d had his own baby. Without her...

She'd wanted to dance, get married and have babies...all she had left was dance.
He had everything a man could want--except her forgiveness...

Kendra Price had never wanted to be rich, but she’d wanted to be comfortable, which she was. She’d never wanted to be famous, but to live her passion to the fullest and dance, which she did. She’d wanted to marry Dusty, have babies and live happily ever after. It would never happen.

Dusty Cavanaugh has loved Kendra Price since she walked into the school cafeteria and captured a dozen boyish hearts with the sweep of her stormy gray-green gaze and the lift of her chin. College, marriage, and children had been the plan. But then Dusty made a mistake. There had been no road map for life apart.

Is love enough to guide them back?

Fans of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series will enjoy this multi-author series.

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