Thursday, January 19, 2023

It's Winter by Merri Maywether

We are two weeks into 2023. The Christmas tree has been taken down, although there are a few lingering decorations. We try putting everything away, but that angel statue or the sprig of ivy looks like it belongs where we set it, and it gets left behind. 

It is officially the icky side of winter. 

Before we moved to Montana, I asked my mother-in-law what she did during the winter. She said, the same thing you do during the summer in Arizona--read. 

I laughed, I read regardless of the weather, but I got the point. 

Short days, cold weather, and the absence of a community celebration, lend themselves to quiet moments by the fire. 

And this year, I've embraced the opportunity. 

I've read eight books. 

This year is the first year, I'm keeping track. I purchased a moleskin-style journal for the sake of logging my reading. Now that I've started, I wonder why I took so long. Twelve pages are dedicated (one for each month) to the books. I also have pages for quotes that inspire or want to share with a friend. 

Goodreads and Bookbub are great tools for sharing what we've read, but there is something fun about pulling this book out and sharing pages. It's personal and doesn't depend on wifi or navigating screens to find a profile. 

That, and I keep track of story ideas in the back. :)

The fun of this blog share is knowing that we all are readers. Do you have a system for keeping track of what you've read over the year? 

If so, please share in the comments. I got my idea from a comment on a post where the topic was routines. Translation: comments can open an idea for others. 

....I just realized, I have a system for my books, but I don't have one for interesting articles...perhaps Pinterest?


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  1. I remember Montana winters from when I was a kid. Now I live in Arizona, where we are having an usually cold winter.

  2. Ha! We switched places. Hopefully, the cold weather will pass quickly. I used to love Arizona's first of the year weather.