Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Texas Boardinghouse Bride Series by Vickie McDonough


The Texas Boardinghouse Brides Series

Vickie McDonough

Join the mayhem of the mail-order bride debacle.

The Anonymous Bride
Book 1

Sheriff Luke Davis flippantly tells his cousins he'd get married if the right woman ever came along, never imagining the mayhem such a remark would cause. Just one month later, three mail-order brides arrive, courtesy of his well-meaning, scheming cousins. He's not even sure he wants to marry, but how can he disappoint the brides who traveled so far? If he does opt to marry, how will he decide which woman is right for him? 

Eleven years have passed since the widowed boardinghouse owner Rachel Hamilton fell in love with Luke. She still loves him, but she can't work up the courage to tell him. Now that three brides have shown up, vying for his hand, Rachel is totally unnerved. What will she do if Luke marries someone else? 

When the mayor decides to hold a contest to see which woman will make the best bride for Luke, Rachel also enters the contest--with an anonymous entry. Will Luke ever realize that sometimes love is right in front of you?

Free KU 

Second Chance Bride
Book 2

Shannon O'Neil and Leah Bennett are stranded in Lookout, Texas, after a mail-order bride debacle. The Corbett brothers try to atone for the mess they made when they ordered their cousin three mail-order brides by hosting Saturday socials for the town's eligible singles. But in his stubbornness, will Mark Corbett let Shannon become the wife of a local rancher? Will Leah pass up true love with Dan Howard when he becomes father to his deceased brother's five children? The citizens of Lookout are in for another wild ride before wedding bells toll in town again.

Finally A Bride
Book 3

Noah Jeffers is determined to make up for past misdeeds. Reporter Jacqueline Davis is determined to nail her story. Will she uncover Noah’s secret before he can capture her heart? With nowhere else to go, ex-con Carly Payton returns to the Lookout, Texas boardinghouse. Garrett Corbett is looking for an upstanding wife, not some jailbird. What will he do when overpowered by Carly’s unassuming appeal? Does love deserve a second look?


  1. I love bride stories, and you have us set with 3 books in the series. Kudos.