Thursday, September 1, 2022

Lyn Cote Asks about Your School Days!

Every fall I think of school. Of course, we all do! The stores are full of pens, pencils, paper and a whole lot more! School has changed since we went. Computers have changed everything except for the fact that students are all kids. And kids will be kids.

One of my fondest memories of school is my third grade crush at Glen Flora School. Oh, my, Benji had the cutest curly blond hair. And I knew he liked me because he would stand in line behind or in front of me. And he’d look at me, grin and then fall straight the floor—not faint, just fall like a tree.

Oh, Mrs. Johnson didn’t like this! But I was so impressed. Fortunately Glen Flora was an older school and had wooden floors or Benjie might have gotten a concussion all for love of me. ‘-)

So what do you remember? Please share a fond memory from your school days. Did you have a sweetheart in grade school? A favorite teacher? A fun game on the playground? Can any of you recall one of those jump-rope chants? I can’t!–Lyn

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