Monday, September 19, 2022

Getting The Answers to Those What If Questions by Merri Maywether

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary the first week of this month.  When people ask how we met, I tell them our story is literally like the opening scenes in UP. I was, and still am, the messy-haired girl. My husband was the quiet boy who had dreams. When I saw him, I decided he needed a friend. Who better than me to fill that role than me? Apparently, I must have been on the right track because we're still happily married. 

In our thirties, I had him rollerblading through the park. It was fun until I crashed into a pole (but that's another story) 

In our forties, we hiked. Our greatest accomplishments were hiking to the Havasupai Falls and the Seven Summit Challenge in Phoenix, AZ.  (The Summit Challenge is an event where people hike the seven peaks within Phoenix, AZ. It is over 26 miles long and over 11,000 feet in elevation changes.) Randy likes to show people the bruise he got on his ankle.

Now, we are not in our forties. In previous posts, I shared that I took Randy zip lining. Keeping in with the theme of having adventures in our home state, I coordinated a staycation in Great Falls, Montana, for our anniversary.  The heart of the weekend getaway was to experience those what-if moments. 

We live on a farm with an unobstructed view of the prairie land. It is beautiful, serene, and quiet. 

What if we moved to the city and lived in one of those sweet cottage homes? Or what if we stayed in an apartment in the historic district?

The carpet, tile, bathrooms, and kitchens were updated. However, the details like the woodwork connecting the walls to the ceiling remained the same. The windows had grid-style panes. Every time the floor creaked, we imagined the families from a hundred years ago walking in the same spot. The stores beneath the apartments varied from the bridal shop, to the butcher, to the mercantile where people could buy dry goods and sodas. 

It turned into a weekend of pretending like we were characters in my stories. We talked with strangers and laughed at life. We ate at cafes and tried reverse engineering the ingredients in pastries so we could make them at home.  I sneaked in an indoor rock climbing trip, and nobody was injured. 

Best of all, we reconnected with those two young people who wanted to experience all that life had to offer. Except, now we're more like Aunt Tee and Miles in my Ashbrook, Montana sagas. When we returned to our quiet farmhouse, we didn't have to discuss what we'd do next. We sat on the couch and took a nap. 

And this time, we only have pictures to remind us of the fun we had :)


Taryn used to be a model. After using the money she earned to put herself through college, she put that life behind her, embracing a life her cousins promised would be different. She’s content working as a physical therapist, living in a cozy home, and having dinner every Sunday at her aunt and uncle’s house.

That was until a man she met on a dating site convinced her to meet him for a group date.

Chase wants to meet a kind-hearted woman who is interested in him. Not his status as Paradise Hills’ most eligible bachelor. And he thinks he’s found her after chatting with Taryn on the Paradise Hills Meet and Greet forum for six months.

He was expecting the woman who looked like the girl next store. Not the retired beauty vlogger who tried to take his date’s seat.

Taryn and Chase will feel the touch of the Paradise Hills magic through a series of holiday events and some prodding from family and friends.

If they keep their eyes open for the signs, they’re in for a real treat.

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Merri Maywether lives with her husband in rural Montana. You can find her in the town's only coffee house listening to three generations of Montanans share their stories. Otherwise, she's in the classroom or the school library, inspiring the next generation's writers.

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