Sunday, September 11, 2022

 Do you love a rip-roaring swashbuckling adventure? Do you enjoy reading about historical America? Then you need to check out my three-book South Carolina Brides series.

About Mutiny of the Heart

This kind of historical romance is perfect, it has all you desire. A cast of characters, political and international intrigue, conflicting romance, and heartwarming feelings evoked with the relationship that developed between Heather, Lucas, and little Jamie. A must-read for historical bluffs. Accuracy was key, and this book delivered. I look forward to reading all of this author's books. 

Reviewer Crysmisty

Mutiny of the Heart

Heather Hawthorne has no reason to like Lucas Reed, the man who deserted her cousin Deborah when he learned she was carrying his child. Lucas Reed is an American whose fight for liberty ruined her father's wealth, which led to his death. Deborah's dying wish is that Heather take little Jamie to his father in Charleston. But how can she leave the child she's come to love as her own with a man who never wanted him?

Secrets of the Heart

Preparing for an arranged marriage to Jamie Reed, the heir to the neighboring plantation, Hannah Madison knows her life is well-ordered and safe. But that was before she first stumbled upon a seriously injured stranger in the Reeds' barn. Hannah names the stranger Adam. Will he ever remember his identity? What caused him to be horribly beaten? And why does he have a sense of urgency about unfinished tasks? When the truth does become clear, will Hannah be able to keep these secrets close to her heart and trust the Lord to bring what is best for all those she loves? Or will the sacrifice she is called to make become too great a burden to bear?

Dueling Hearts

After Reed Bishop killed her brother in a duel, the full responsibility of caring for her South Carolina plantation and ailing father has fallen on Carina. Years later, Reed returns, and he seems a different man, but time will tell. Reed seems determined to help Carina with her overwhelming problems, but can she ever trust the man who killed her brother?

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