Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Family Reunions in real life and books by Laura Scott


Good morning! How many of you have participated in family reunions? Me, for sure! Getting caught up with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, while sharing great memories helps us to appreciate what we have. Before Covid, our family was getting together every two years. I truly miss those fun days and hope the virus cooperates so that we can get together again soon.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying writing reunions in my stories. It's so much fun to bring all the characters together after they've been apart for a long time. I did this in my Smoky Mountain Secrets series, bringing all the foster kids back together in Jayme's Journey. I had such a great response to this, that I decided to do something similar in my Called to Protect series. And while my Navy SEALs are technically not related, they are brothers in every other way.

Sealed with Valor is Nico and Ava's story, and when Ava gets in trouble, Nico needs his entire SEAL team to help get her back. Having all the guys back together was truly heartwarming. And after writing this story, I decided to add a Christmas Novella, but more on that next month. For now, the sixth book in my Called to protect series will be available on Tuesday Sept. 6, 2022

Sealed with Valor by Laura Scott $3.99

Pregnant and on the run!

Nico Ramirez has been searching for his teammate’s younger sister, Ava Rampart, for months. When he finally finds her, he’s stunned to discover she’s eight months pregnant. Her baby raises the stakes, and Nico knows he must protect them both from Simon, the man ruthlessly hunting Ava. When he realizes Simon has kidnapped Ava from the hospital, he needs the entire SEAL team to get her back. 

Ava is hiding a terrible secret, one that has kept her running from Simon and from the police. She’s grateful for Nico’s determination to keep her safe, but when she suffers pregnancy complications, there is more than Simon to worry about. If she’s not careful, her baby could be born prematurely and may not survive. Resting while on the run proves impossible. Ava places her faith in God and in Nico. She doesn’t doubt Nico’s ability to protect her, but she may have underestimated the threat he poses to her heart.

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