Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Vickie McDonough Introduces Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

Mariah is a woman working in a man’s world.

Under the pen name Drew Dixon, Chicago native Mariah Lansing writes dime novels detailing hair-raising adventures of heroines in the Wild West. But then she receives a letter from a rancher in the Badlands of North Dakota who challenges her meticulously research facts. When Mariah finds her fiancé in the arms of another woman, she accepts the ranchers invitation to visit his ranch and leave Chicago far behind. 
Adam McFarland has a dream—to travel the West and document its people and beautiful landscape with his drawings. If only he weren’t tied down to the family ranch in North Dakota. When dime novelist Drew Dixon makes repeated mistakes about his beloved West, he invites the author to visit. But the person who shows up isn’t exactly who he was expecting. 
Will Mariah and Adam reveal the secrets they are keeping. Or will they allow false perceptions to continue to hinder the plans God has for them?

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Outlaw Heart

Deputy Marshal Brett Wickham is ready to retire from law enforcement and settle down.

But when his brother Taylor is killed in a bank robbery, Brett pins his badge back on and goes hunting for the Sallinger gang. Then a bear attack lands him right in the middle of the outlaws’ hideout. Anna McFarland, aka Lottie Sallinger, tends Brett’s wounds. She seems too sweet and innocent to be an outlaw. But looks can be deceiving. When his heart is drawn to Lottie, Brett fights the attraction. Can he do his job when everything within him wants Lottie to be innocent?

Anna McFarland is lonely now that her twin brother has married and moved away. She contemplates moving to Bismarck and looking for work, but when a stranger is wounded while saving her from a bear attack, she has her hands full caring for him. The handsome stranger intrigues her. When he recovers, he accepts a job on the ranch. One day he escorts her to town, and they discover a group of ragtag orphans. Somethings seems off at the home for orphans, and they work together to investigate the situation. Anna quickly falls for Brett, but he sends her confusing signals. When Brett accuses her of being an outlaw, Anna is devastated and loses all hope of winning his heart. Why did God send him to her if they weren’t meant to be together?

Just $2.99 / Free on KU

Straight for the Heart - Coming May 15th

Marriage seems to be their only option.

Orphaned and destitute, Sarah Oakley hopes to find a home with her uncle in North Dakota. But when she learns he’s an outlaw, she and her young siblings flee, taking his bag of loot. Sarah hides her siblings and takes the gold onto town alone, hoping to claim the reward. Instead, she’s thrown in jail to await the circuit judge. Her only hope for release is to marry a man she doesn’t know.

Rancher Quinn McFarland never expected to marry—and then his grandma sent for a mail-order bride. When the bride doesn’t show, he’s relieved but fears Grandma will just order another one. Quinn balks at the sheriff’s suggestion to marry the gal in his jail so he can drop the charges against her. But she looks so sweet and obviously innocent that Quinn reconsiders. 

Maybe this marriage can resolve Quinn’s and Sarah’s predicaments, but can it result in love? And what will Quinn say when he learns about Sarah’s siblings?

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