Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Outlaw Heart
Vickie McDonough

Can such a kind-hearted lady really be an outlaw?

Deputy Marshal Brett Wickham is ready to retire from law enforcement and settle down on the ranch left to him and his younger brother, Taylor. But when Taylor is killed in a bank robbery, Brett pins his badge back on and goes hunting for the Salinger gang. Then a bear attack leaves him badly wounded and lands him right in the middle of the outlaw’s hideout with his nemesis, Lottie Sallinger, caring for him
The woman who tends to Brett’s wounds claims to be Anna McFarland. He’s sure that’s an alias, although she sure seems too sweet and innocent to be an outlaw. But looks can be deceiving. When his heart is drawn to her, Brett fights the attraction. There no way he can fall for the woman who helped kill his brother. Can he do his job when everything in him wants Lottie to be innocent? 

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Trusting Her Heart
Jean C. Gordon

Trusting Her Heart is the first full-length romance in Jean C. Gordon's new Paradox Lake Sweet Romance series.

Spending time in the small town of Paradox Lake, NY, is the last thing that Emily Hazard wants to do. Her childhood memories, including the despised nickname Jinx, are anything but fond. However, Emily’s brother Neal is deploying overseas and needs someone to stay with his teenage daughter Autumn while she finishes her senior year. Emily is going to attempt to juggle working remotely as an assistant art director for an advertising agency in New York City and keeping an eye on her niece.

With his career and life in flux, Drew Stacey is currently working for a group of non-profits that is planning to rent the Hazard family's campgrounds on Paradox Lake for a summer program. Deciding it's a good idea to have a man around while he is gone, Neal has asked Drew to stay at the house with Emily and Autumn while Drew prepares the campgrounds.

A minor fender-bender as soon as she hits town, has Emily battling old insecurities. However one person doesn’t view her as a slightly klutzy disaster magnet, and that's the disturbingly attractive Drew. The spark between them is immediate, but Emily’s emotional blinders regarding the town, threaten to derail any prospect of a relationship. Can Emily see beyond the past?

A Little Night Rainbow
Susan Aylworth

Rainbow Rock Romances Book 4

Max Carmody was married once. It wasn’t pretty. Now he finds himself stuck for the summer with a thirteen-year-old daughter he barely knows and a sister who will take her in, but not unless he comes with her. Marcie tells her dad she wants him to marry again, but the last thing this Mozart-loving car-parts manufacturer needs is romance. In fact, his ever marrying again is about as likely as finding a rainbow in the night sky.

Cretia Sherwood was married too, and it definitely wasn’t pretty. She is finally healing and regaining some independence after years of struggling to raise her kids on her own. Now that her daughter Lydia is thirteen and her son Danny is ten, Cretia can take a breath and focus on making sure she can give her kids everything she didn’t have growing up. The last thing this Mozart-loving mom needs is to lose her new-found independence to a man. When her daughter asks her if she would ever consider remarrying, Cretia replies—when she sees a night rainbow in the sky.

When love brings them a rainbow, both Max and Cretia have to choose between the security and safe routines of their present lives and a leap of faith, betting on the future.

Uncertain Spring
Lyn Cote

Near midnight, a panicked dog barks frantically—not to frighten but to beckon.

Lois has just driven up to her summer home in a March snowstorm, coming north early to be near her adult daughters. Without hesitation, she follows as the dog leads her through the thick pine forest. Finally, she glimpses a young woman lying in the snow, unconscious. Lois taps in 911.

In the morning, the girl has wakened in what the doctor identifies as a state of dis-associative fugue, a form of amnesia. Lois takes in the girl as the local sheriff tries to find clues to her identity.

The nearby vet, a mountain of a man, helps Lois with the girl’s dog. He’s increasingly attracted to this compassionate but oh so refined woman while Lois finds herself drawn to him. Can they take a second chance on love? And why isn’t anyone searching for the girl? Or is someone?

Another suspenseful romance set on the shore of Lake Superior by a USA Today bestselling author. On pre-order till March 26 for 2.99, regularly $3.99.

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