Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Lyn Cote Asks What’s Your Taste in Romance?

Image by Perfecto_Capucine from Pixabay 

Romance is an interesting blend of all kinds of stories. Do you enjoy a contemporary romance or a historical romance? A romance with hero who’s a detective? Like a cowboy? A heroine who’s a doctor?

You see what I mean. Romances come in all flavors. Authors understand that and each of us writes a different “flavor” in a unique “voice.” That means that though many authors may write stories with a hero who is a detective, each one will be very different.

But some readers don’t understand this.

I’m always amused when I read 1 or 2 star reviews of my books. I suppose that means I’m strange, but these reviewer berate me for not writing the book SHE wanted to read. 

Obviously I write the books I write. If she didn’t like it, why didn’t she just stop reading? I mean if you were at a buffet and took something you didn’t like, would you keep eating it after realizing you didn’t like the taste?

Here’s one of my favorite 2 star reviews

“This is the first of Ms. Cote's books I have read but if this is any indication of the type of writing quality of her books, it will be my last. I forced myself to read it to the end hoping it would get better - 

Two thirds of the book focuses on a love relationship, which is fine, but it is center stage, not the mystery. (I was looking for more mystery.)”

The title of the review was—

“It's no secret - I should have passed on this book!”

Well, why didn’t she??? My book’s subtitle is “Clean Romance Mystery.” Note that Romance comes first. Shaking my head.

My new book is another Clean Romance Mystery, titled Uncertain Spring. Last fall I asked in a blog: Can a Grandmother be a heroine? The response was YES! And that is this book. It came out March 26th and it’s 25% off regular price till Easter Sunday.

Here’s the scoop:

Near midnight, a panicked dog barks frantically—not to frighten but to beckon.

Lois has just driven up to her summer home in a March snowstorm, coming north early to be near her adult daughters. Without hesitation she follows as the dog leads her through the thick pine forest. 

Finally she glimpses a young woman lying in the snow, unconscious. Lois taps in 911.

In the morning, the girl has wakened in what the doctor identifies as a state of dis-associative fugue, a form of amnesia. Lois takes in the girl as the local sheriff tries to find clues to her identity.

The nearby vet, a mountain of a man, helps Lois with the girl’s dog. He’s increasingly attracted to this compassionate but oh so refined woman while Lois finds herself drawn to him. Can they take a second chance on love? And why isn’t anyone searching for the girl? Or is someone?

Another suspenseful romance set on the shore of Lake Superior. For more info, click here.

So is your taste in romance? —Lyn Cote


  1. As long as it's a good story, I don't have a preference. Right now I'm reading a historical romance, but I write contemporary.

    1. I write romance but prefer to read cozy mysteries. Go figure!

  2. Lyn, it depends somewhat on my mood. I do try to pay good attention to the description before buying. ;) I feel your pain on that review.

    1. Actually I thought the review was funny! And yes, I don't buy on a whim either.