Sunday, March 28, 2021

Make Mine Happy - @MagdalenaScott

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A few days ago, I stopped reading and set aside (probably forever) a 450-page novel. There was nothing but misery in the 150 pages I slogged through,. When I went to bed hours later, my mind was still full of those troubling images. (The author's powers of description are outstanding.)

I subscribe to two newspapers, and spend time each day reading local, state, national, and world news. 

I don't want or need another dose of misery served up in a book I'm reading for entertainment. 

I also know there are readers for every book. There are lots of readers for the one I'm not reading anymore: it's a New York Times bestseller. And I purchased it at full price. So I'm not hurting the author by not finishing.

Chalk it up to an expansion of my reading horizons that simply didn't work out. My antidote for the lingering misery: a sweet romance novel. Problem solved!

Here's a 99-cent deal on one of my sweet romances. Buy your copy before the sale ends on March 31st.

THE RING: Serendipity, Indiana Book 5

Carla Standish makes wishes come true for everyone but herself. Widower Jared Barnett and his kids have won her heart. But is the future possible without forgiving the past?

Carla Standish makes wishes come true, for everyone but herself. She is the go-to person for whatever her friends and family need and is world-renowned for creating one-of-a-kind, swoon-worthy dresses. She’s even surprising herself and the folks in town by dating a decent guy these days. If one missing piece would fall into the jigsaw puzzle of her life, everything would be perfect. But she ruined that possibility long ago, didn’t she?

It’s been a couple of years since widower Jared Barnett and his kids moved to Serendipity for a much-needed new start. They were settling in, but now he’s getting some confusing signals from the vivacious shop owner he’s dating, and the small town “good old boy” network seems determined to treat the Barnetts as outsiders. An offer he shouldn’t refuse would mean pulling up stakes again, but Jared will do whatever is required to take care of his family and to protect his own heart.

99 cents - only until March 31st

Happy reading!

Magdalena Scott



  1. I agree with you. Give me HAPPINESS every time!

    1. I love your HAPPINESS in all caps - even better. Thanks, Donna!

  2. Magdalena, I agree that there are too many books to read to keep reading one that only depresses you.

  3. Yes. Everyone deserves happiness. Reading books and spending time with my family gives me happiness

    1. Thank you for commenting, Patty. Spending time with family is such a blessing!