Wednesday, January 6, 2021

My Word for 2021 ~ Jean C. Gordon

A planner, but never one for New Year's resolutions, for the past few years, I've picked a guiding word. This year, my word is ALIGN. I thinks it's exactly what I need I need.

For the past few years, I've been primarily writing for multi-author series—The No Brides Club Series and various Indigo Bay Series—and group projects. This year, I'm launching a solo-series: The Paradox Lake Sweet Romance Series. And I need to remember to not let my work take over the rest of my life.

Who else has a word for 2021?

Trusting His Kiss kicks off Jean C. Gordon's new Paradox Lake Sweet Romance Series—Today

Life is complicated for nurse and widowed mother of three, Kari Hazard. Her 15-year-old son Myles is rebelling and she is not sure how to handle it. Still, Kari is not immediately thrilled with the actions Myles’s handsome new school guidance counselor is taking. 
Eli Evans is a former Air Force officer and can relate to Myles’s feelings regarding his father who was killed in Afghanistan. Eli also finds Kari extremely attractive, but an issue from his past could pose a problem for any prospective relationship.  However, an even larger obstacle is Kari’s residual anger and complicated emotions toward the military and her late husband. 
In the small town of Paradox Lake, fate (with a little help from Eli’s mother), keeps pushing them together. Can Kari and Eli leave the past behind them and find a way forward to new love?

Welcome to Paradox Lake
Any fan of sweet romance will love the stories of small-town love in the Paradox Lake Sweet Romance series. Grab your tea or coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and be swept away into the cozy Adirondack town where complex characters navigate challenging situations as they find their way to love. Whether it’s love at first blush, old flames reuniting, or second chance romance, you’ll find pure reading enjoyment and satisfy your craving for sweet, wholesome romance. 

Part of an ongoing series full of familiar faces, each story will stand on its own. With novel and novella lengths available, there’s something for everyone. Paradox Lake is written by USA Today Bestselling sweet romance author, Jean Gordon, who’s penned stories for the No Brides Clubs Series, Indigo Bay Series, and Harlequin Love Inspired, as well as for multiple sweet romance collections.

(Kari and Eli's story previously appeared in Sweet Kisses Limited Edition Box Set, which is now out of print.)

Available from: Amazon | Apple Books | B&N | Google Books | Kobo

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  1. I don't do words or resolutions. In the past few years I haven't let writing interfere with the rest of my life, and that has resulted in fewer new works. I have been blessed to get rights back to my Love Inspired books, so I've been reissuing those which takes less time than writing a brand new book. This year I hope to put out 2 new works in addition to the reissues.

  2. Congratulations on your new solo series! It sounds wonderful, can't wait to read it!