Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Missing Christmas Already by Janice Lynn

This past Christmas was a unique one for soooo many reasons. I'd never put my decorations up prior to Thanksgiving but in 2020, I needed the lights and happiness that came with seeing my trees up. :)  Our Christmas was very anti-climatic as my husband had Covid during the holidays so we were in quarantine. We being my husband, myself, and my daughter who had just graduated college and was at home prior to starting her new job. Coincidentally, my son who lives in another state and my daughter who lives over an hour away both had COVID over the holidays, too. Finally, we've experienced Christmas with all the kids, except my son and his wife who live in South Carolina. Just as I wanted my trees and decorations up early, I'm struggling to get motivated to put them away. My daughter is home this week and is helping take the decorations down. When I look at the bareness where there was bright lights a heaviness comes over me and I want to tell her to put them all back out and up. 

I don't recall ever feeling that way in the past. I think it's maybe because we haven't celebrated with Jacob & Heather yet. Or maybe because I'm deep into writing my next Hallmark Publishing book and it's a Christmas story and so having all the decorations out is fun. Or maybe it's because I don't want the 
twinkling lights, pretty ribbons, and smiles I get when looking at the decorations to go away just yet. Regardless, when I sat down to write this post, that's what was on my mind, wondering how many of you struggled to let go of Christmas this past year? 

How many still have their decorations out versus how many had theirs packed away just as soon as December 25th had passed? I'm seriously considering leaving this slim tree up in my dining room until we get to celebrate with Jacob & Heather...I mean, it's out of the way and really adds a splash of color, right? ;)

Wrapped Up in Christmas Hope coming Christmas 2021 from Hallmark Publishing

USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling author JANICE LYNN lives in Tennessee with her Prince Charming, their kids who think they're all royalty, her vivid imagination, an adorable Maltese named Halo who's the true princess of the house, and bunches of unnamed dust bunnies that moved in after Janice started her writing career. In addition to writing romance, Janice is a nurse practitioner, a quilter, an exercise queen, a military mama, and an avid supporter of the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Just kidding on the exercise queen.   WRAPPED UP IN CHRISTMAS & Wrapped Up in Christmas Joy are available at AMAZON Barnes & Noble WALMART


  1. Janice, I think many people had similar experiences with Christmas decor this year. I finally took down my front porch lights and my tree, but am still enjoying the battery-operated candles. I say, if the lights/decor cheer you up, keep them! {{hugs}}

    1. Thanks. :) I agree and just may until we celebrate with my son and his wife...which may be a couple of months. :)

  2. Hi Janice, I think you should for sure leave that tree up and congratulations on Hallmark book #3. That is awesome! :)