Sunday, January 31, 2021

Lyn Cote Asks Do You Like Romances with Kittens?



How about twins?

My upcoming book, Amy’s Forever Love, was wonderful fun to write! The hero is a veterinarian who owns a basset hound named Bummer. I love basset hounds. Their expression is so soulful and they seem to listen to every word.

The story begins with Amy, a single mom, and her twins finding two golden tabby kittens out in the snow and bringing them into the church basement. The lcoal veterinarian is there at the church winter potluck with his basset hound. And Bummer “adopts” the kittens.

And decides that he needs to be with them. Much to his owner’s dismay. The twins and Bummer, the story’s matchmakers, outsmart him as he tries to keep his distance from the danger of falling in love. So can a basset hound, kittens and twins help a wary single mom and a love-shy vet  break through to a forever love? 

It's on pre-order for 99 cents till Feb 19th. Click here.


  1. This story sounds super cute, Lyn. (I LOVE kittens!) Congratulations on your new release!

  2. I'm definitely a cat person, but I like dogs, too.

  3. I adore kittens, and I'm sure the scenes with the dog adopting the kittens is incredibly sweet.

  4. I like both cats and dogs. Best wishes on your newest release!