Friday, November 1, 2019

LYN COTE ASKS Print or Ebooks? (And Special for Nook Readers!)

In my last newsletter I asked the question: Do you prefer print or ebooks. Here are some representative replies that sum up all the different ones:

Carol S wrote:
I prefer real books over ebooks. A real book in hand feels better than an ereader & doesn't run out of battery life. Unfortunately, it also takes up physical space on a shelf & costs more, so I have a lot more ebooks than physical book

Denise wrote:
Hi Lyn
Although I love having a book in my hands many books are not available here in my country.
And, many of them are too expensive now as our currency is not doing too well.
But, it has been wonderful to get all of them on my Kindle. 
Also my eyes are not that good these day and with a kindle I can enlarge the type to suit me.
Also, if I had to buy all the books that I have on my Kindle I would have to have a library!
So, although I love books my Kindle has become my best friend!  :D
Denise Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"Pat wrote:
I prefer ebooks. I had cataract surgery last year.
I have to have light right on books to read them
now. Ebooks print is darker so easier to see. I can
read it in bed at night if I’m awake & my phone is
easier to hold than a book. Pat

Cheryl wrote:
I just received my newsletter and saw your question for your readers. I enjoy reading both print books as well as ebooks. If you had asked me these questions 6 months to a year ago, I would’ve said print books. Lately, however, I’ve really gotten into ebooks. I downloaded the  Kindle for iPhone app and I absolutely love it. I take my phone with me everywhere I go so I don’t have the added weight of a book to lug around. When my son was little I used to carry all of his necessities plus my phone and a book. I wish I had discovered ebooks way back then. I could’ve saved my back and as an unnecessary workout lol.
Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy going to the library to borrow print books but with the winter months coming up I’ll be sticking to ebooks for a while.
Anyhow, I’ve rambled on long enough. I’m enjoying reading your newsletters so please keep them coming.
Happy writing,

Lyn here- I appreciate your responses. But I need to let you in on why ebooks are so plentiful and print books are less available. In 2007 Amazon released the first Kindle.  But not long after that happened, the Borders and Waldenbook stores that had been in nearly every mall in the US folded. Take a moment and think about how that impacted publishers and authors. They lost HUGE amounts of selling space. Since then, Barnes & Noble has been near bankruptcy and has shut many stores and has reduced the bookshelf space in favor of toys, etc. Walmart is another major bookstore and it has also begun to reduce the space it holds for book sales. So authors and publishers have moved to ebooks which don’t take up physical shelf space in a store. I don’t expect this trend to change. Market forces are at work. So now you know--the rest of the story.

And I wanted to share this photo with you.
 This is what I see when I look out my window, I am blessed. And below is a special offer for Nook Readers!--Lyn 

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  1. Lyn, Thanks for sharing the interesting survey about print books versus Ebooks. I love books in any form. And thanks for the FREE book!

  2. Thanks for sharing the free book. I read more ebooks now because it is so easy to carry hundreds of books on one device. It is so good for traveling. I also carry a charger in my purse, so I can recharge my device if the battery gets low.

  3. I prefer an ebook, although print book right behind it.

  4. From someone who just travelled from a retreat recently where I had the added weight of books, I opted for one of them to read during the flight home over the kindle, which I had. It's something about having a "new" book in my hands. :)

  5. I much prefer paper books.. but e books are so darn convenient for traveling.. and book stores aren't the only places with not enough shelf space!

  6. I have always been a paper book person, but the ereader has been a game changer for me in terms of how many books I can actually keep.