Sunday, November 17, 2019

Bargain Books by Josie Riviera and Lyn Cote and Alicia Street

It's a Kindle Countdown Sale for my sweet holiday romance!
Candleglow and Mistletoe is only 99¢ for a limited time.
 Noelle Wentworth doesn’t mind getting away from St. Augustine to fill in at her ailing aunt’s candle shop.

A few weeks in Snowing Rock will help her get past the humiliating memory lapse that ruined an important piano concert—and, ultimately, her marriage to her overbearing duet partner.

She’s mentally rehearsing for her comeback performance when the bus she’s riding in slides off an icy mountain road.
And one deep, calming voice emerges from the confusion to slow her racing heart—right before his ruggedly handsome face kicks it back into allegro.

Gabe Waters is usually prepared for anything—as a professional stuntman, his life depends on it—but nothing prepared him for Noelle, the unattainable high school crush whose bravery saved him from more than just a bully’s flying fist. There’s no hint she recognizes him, but Gabe knows that face, those eyes…and he sees something that wasn’t there before. Distrust and apprehension.

Their unexpected attraction kindles something as warm and sweet as a holiday candle.
But the weight of their pasts could turn the promise of love to ashes.

Grab your copy today!
Lyn Cote here~I have two book bargains. First my Christmas novella, Loving Winter.

99 cents throught November 23rd!
Happily single, Winter Woodard is looking forward to a busy, holiday season. But...

And it all begins with her cousin’s wedding where Winter meets the man the ladies around town have been buzzing about. Single by choice, Clay Dixon, the very successful football coach at the local high school, has rebuffed all offers of “home-cooked meals,” keeping the female population at bay. That’s fine with Winter. She’s her own woman, thank you very much. 
Then bad things begin to happen. And unexpectedly Clay Dixon stands by her through a holiday season fraught with unnerving and destructive setbacks.
Is someone out to ruin Woodard Greenery’s, all she has left of her beloved grandfather and mother?
Welcome to Steadfast, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget~

For more info about this book and my free ebook Winter's Secret  (and to sample other authors of sweet romance), click here. And HAPPY HOLIDAY READING!


Alicia Street here - and I have one bargain book and one FREE book.

                                              The Christmas Honeymoon is 99¢
Quiet librarian Serena always loved Christmas, until she was jilted before her December wedding. A year later, while trying to rekindle her tarnished holiday spirit, she meets Damien, handsome daredevil—and a total Scrooge. Their unlikely mutual attraction brings on a challenge that leads to one very romantic Christmas.

Megan lived for her career, but a turn of events challenges her driven nature and she decides what she really needs is a man who is a sweetheart. Can Mac, a workaholic billionaire she is dating, prove he can pass the sweetheart test?

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