Thursday, January 24, 2019

Color Me Silver by Pat Simmons

Not long ago, there was a new trend in hair color--silver--gray to me, but what do I know.

If a woman waits long enough, she won’t have to worry about paying for the color to be stripped from her hair or purchasing a wig. Keep living and it will come and take over your head.

I remember when I first discovered a single gray strand. I was 46 years-old, amused, and proud. It showed wisdom, plus the stress from mothering two teenagers.

Fast forward more years, and the gray keeps coming, especially in the front that my daughter says I look like Cruella Deville in 101 Dalmatians.

I had it highlighted for years and enjoyed my youthful appearance until the gray bounced back. No, it boldly returned. My hairdresser and I decided to let my hair grow out and decide what to do next.


Well, I’ve come to the crossroads. Should I embrace my gray--I like the term “silver” better--or hide it for another ten years? I’ve seen some really sassy women rock their “gray, white, silver” hair and I have whimsical thoughts like “Oooh, I can’t wait until my hair is all gray and white like that.” Really? I can’t believe I said that.

If 50 is the new 40, then maybe highlights are in order! How do you handle your aging hair?

Pat Simmons has penned more than thirty-five titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a three-time recipient of the Romance Slam Jam Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance. Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter at various venues across the country. Pat has converted her sofa-strapped sports fanatical husband into an amateur travel agent, untrained bodyguard, GPS-guided chauffeur, and administrative assistant who is constantly on probation. They have a son and a daughter. Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit her at

Check out her latest release The Guilty Generation

Seventeen-year-old Kami Jamieson is so over being daddy’s little girl. Now that she has captured the attention of Tango, the bad boy from her school, Kami’s love for her family and God have taken a backseat to her teen crush. Although the Jamiesons have instilled godly principles in Kami since she was young, they will stop at nothing, including prayer and fasting, to protect her from falling prey to society's peer pressure. Can Kami survive her teen rebellion, or will she be guilty of dividing the next generation?


  1. My hair is turning white--which I don't like--I'd prefer silver too! I add a barely there non permanent rinse that gives it a soft golden cast. And since I've been a blond all my life--I think it looks natural. Good luck pat!

  2. I prefer silver too.
    Margaret Daley

  3. Pat, I love highlights and also rely on hair color. :) You look gorgeous, BTW! Best wishes on your latest release.

  4. I had never colored my hair once--and then I turned 50 and gray started showing at my roots. Since I'm so fair-skinned (auburn hair originally), I decided to get mine colored so I wouldn't look like a ghost. And I liked it. I've been getting it colored ever since. I don't know if I'll ever let it grow out, but time will tell.

  5. Wow! I started getting gray hair when I was 19 years old. It runs in the family. A family curse or something. :)

  6. I colored and highlighted my hair for a few years, but when we moved to Arizona, I decided to go completely natural. If I'm not in bright sunlight, my hair still looks mostly brown. But the gray is getting more prominent. My mother's hair was almost completely white when she was in her early 40s. Guess I didn't inherit that gene.

  7. Nah, that's heritage. That's cool when things are passed down from one generation to another....well except the gray--:)