Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Down Side of an Author’s Life by Pat Simmons

Ten years ago, I made the transition from an avid reader to a published author. Yahoo, hooray, plus I broke out into a praise dance. I couldn’t thank Jesus enough. Then as the jubilation faded, my eyes were open. Being an author was a forty plus hour work week. When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about my next release. Many times, I’ve had to pray after I’m already in bed, asking God to shut down my characters, so I could get some sleep. Seriously.  It’s an exciting opportunity, but a demanding career.
But I miss reading!! Somehow, last month, I was able to escape the confines of my office. Playing hooky, I ceased writing, re-writing, and plotting my next outline. With a series of 1-Clicks, I downloaded eBooks. I consumed one book, then feasted on a second. What did I do that for? As my appetite grew, I devoured a third one without shame. Finally, my characters woke from their slumber and screamed, “Finish our story!”  Reluctantly, I surrendered and shut down my Kindle in the middle of a book!!!! Back in my office, I opened my laptop and let Portia and Marlon finish what they started.

Here’s what fed my addiction:

There are a couple more unread books on my Kindle, but I refuse to be tempted, not until my editor gets the draft for Prayers Answered by Christmas. So if you loved last year’s Couple by Christmas, then you’ll enjoy this sequel. Join the wait list.

Is my latest release, Late Summer Love, on your e-reader?



  1. I miss reading, too. I often say I need to be two people. One to read and one to write.

  2. So true, Pat. The more I write, the less I read...and I love to read! Fortunately, I always have an audiobook on hand.