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Meet the Authors of Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 - Jean C. Gordon and Shanna Hatfield

A Team Macacheck Christmas
Jean C. Gordon

Jean C. Gordon here with a riddle and a giveaway prize. What involves skill, endurance, nerves of steel, and a lot of time away from home driving from event to event with a trailer hitched to a pick-up or RV? If you guessed rodeo, you'd be right. You'd also be right if you guessed motocross racing. That's the premise behind “A Team Macachek Christmas” in Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 (and my other Team Macachek stores), that the motocross circuit mirrors the rodeo circuit.

And there are many more similarities. When they’re not on the road traveling from event to event, both competitors hone their skills by putting in many grueling practice hours at home. Riding a bronco or a bull requires strength, focus, and courage. Completing a motocross race requires strength, focus, and courage. Rodeo cowboys start young and retire young. Motocross racers start young (some as young as five) and retire early. Rodeo cowboys are driven to succeed. Motocross racers are driven to succeed. Rodeo cowboys at the top of the rankings can take home huge prizes. Ditto, top-ranked motocross racers. Lower ranked cowboys and racers can struggle to stay in the game, but stay they do for the thrill of competing.
You see the pattern. It’s what led me to create Team Macachek and write Jesse and Lauren’s reunion story for Sweet Christmas Kisses 4. That, and a fondness for rodeo cowboy stories coupled with a weakness for a hunky guy on a fast bike. So, if you like rodeo cowboys, why not give motocross racers a try?

Sparks fly from a Christmastime reunion of motocross racer Jesse Brewster and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Cooper. Being thrown together to plan the race team’s Christmas party reignites a flame Lauren thought she’d extinguished when she broke up with Jesse six months earlier. But will Jesse’s well-meaning secret Christmas gift—meant to help win her back—compromise the independence Lauren is fighting to establish? Is it, as she maintains, the wrong time for their love?

TEAM MACACHEK: Fall in love with the strong women and fearless men of the motocross circuit.

And now for that prize. Leave a comment below for a chance to win the pictured motocross charm bookmark.
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Saving Mistletoe
Shanna Hatfield

Back in April, I released a novella about a pastry chef from Portland. Her best friend was Ellen, a girl who added some humor to the book. Readers asked if I would consider writing Ellen’s story, and so I did.

 Here’s a fun little interview with Ellen…

Tell us about life in Portland. What do you do there?

Ellen: I’m an attorney. I work downtown and the vibe of the city there is very energetic and busy. My apartment is just a few blocks away, so I’m close to everything.  I love it.

How did you meet Officer Burke Tipton?

Ellen: I bumped into him… literally. One afternoon I was running late for an appointment. My phone died, so I had no address or contact info for my appointment, so there I was, frantically trying to recall the address. I turned around and smacked right into Officer Burke Tipton and his partner.

 What do think of his partner?

Ellen: I love him! He’s so handsome and charming. And his name is awesome — Sugar Bear. Although Burke prefers to call him Bear. Honestly, I don’t think the horse cares. Oh, did I mentioned Burke’s partner is a horse? Burke is a mounted patrol officer. Isn’t that such a cool job?


 It is a great job. So you met each while you were both working?

 Ellen: Yes, although Burke didn’t seem to like me much that first time we met. The second time we met, I did the exact same stupid thing… blindly walked right into him and Sugar Bear.

 Oh, my! What did he do?

Ellen: (Laughs) He threatened to arrest me then helped me pick up all the files I dropped when I ran into him. Later that afternoon, he saw me buying flowers and walked me home.  

Tell us about Mistletoe.

Ellen: From the moment I met Mistletoe, she stole my heart. She’s a sweet little girl who hides her hurts behind a bit of sass and sarcasm. I could tell you more about her, Sugar Bear, and Burke’s loveable dog, Lovey, but I’ll let you read about it for yourself. Be sure to download your copy of Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 today. Saving Mistletoe is one of fourteen brand-new holiday novellas featured in the collection.

Hotshot attorney Ellen Meade seems to have it all: a powerful position with her firm, a posh downtown apartment, and a bright future ahead of her. But for Ellen, the future grows dimmer with each passing day. Her apartment is lonely without her best friend, and the demands of her job are slowly killing her soul. She’s simply surviving until she bumps into a police officer who changes everything.

Burke Tipton loves his job as a Mounted Patrol Officer in downtown Portland.  The life he’s built away from his family’s ranch is simple and uncomplicated. At least it was until a beautiful woman bumps into him and turns his world upside down.

Add in Burke’s partner Sugar Bear, Lovey the dog, and a child named Mistletoe in need of a Christmas miracle, and you get a heartwarming, holiday romance.

I love coming up with creative names for my characters, but especially for the animal characters. Share a great pet name for a chance to win a Mystery Prize from me!


Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield is out to make it happen one story at a time. Her sweet historical and contemporary romances combine humor and heart-pumping moments with unforgettable characters.

When this hopeless romantic isn’t writing or indulging in rich, decadent chocolate, Shanna hangs out with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.

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  1. Ladies,
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    Sounds great ladies, and a pet name..peanut :-)

  3. Thanks for two great stories.
    We have dogs named Murphy, Butters & Pigpen. Some of the names of our deceased pets were Clancy, Sparky, Shamus, Bopo, Hero & Boots.
    Thanks you both for providing the readers with very enjoyable, entertaining and well written stories.
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    Carol Smith

    1. Such fun names, Carol! Thank you for entering the giveaway and reading our stories. So appreciate you!

  4. Both sounds like great stories! I have a dog, her name is Sophie. Thanks for the opportunities!
    Tiffany Hall

    1. Thanks, Tiffany. I probably should share our pet names. One of our dogs is Xena.

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    1. I loved "Where the Heart Is!" Such a great story. And those names for pets are great! Thanks for entering, Teri!

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    1. Thanks, Haley. We also have Appa and Mr. Buttons, my grandchildren's dogs (we all share a big old farmhouse). Appa is Chamorro. They got him the year their family lived in Guam.

  7. These both sound fabulous! A fun pet name: Razzlebug (sounds like something my children would love).

    1. Thanks, Jess. We also have my son in law's dog, Zori, also from Guam. Abandoned at the farm he managed there.

  8. Thank you my last 2 were named Tawny and Briella Mia ( My 7 yr old named her 😃 )

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