Sunday, March 5, 2017

Treasure hunting....and a free book give-away!

When I was in very early grade school,   my mom and dad had to do their shopping at the department stores in downtown Minneapolis--Daytons, Donaldsons or the big multi-floor Sears that even carried horse equipment. Or, they headed to Southdale, once it was built--one of the first fully enclosed, climate-controlled malls in the USA. After all, they were waaay out in the country then, in Minnetonka.  Their friends thought they had moved into the wilderness!  For any of you from the Twin Cities area, you know that the suburban sprawl went far, far beyond that decades ago, and I am really dating myself!  :)

What fond memories I have of going shopping with my mom when I was little--she would be dressed up like June Cleaver, in a dress, heels and pearls, and probably a little hat. When we were at the downtown Daytons, and ordered things  like chicken croquettes at the elegant lunchroom, there would be a veritable sea of ladies in their pretty, soft pastel dresses, little hats, and fur stoles or jackets.  And when shoppers made their purchases, the clerks would ask, "Would you like this sent?" And then those items were delivered out to the distant suburbs the next day in a Daytons truck, free of charge. All the better to keep their patrons unburdened and buying, of course.  :)


This week, I started reminiscing about the past after returning from a fun afternoon of "treasure hunting" at some consignment stores here in town.  The old days are sure gone, but  I think consignment stores are more fun.  I found this mixer--still works!--for just $7.00. It reminds me of what my grandma probably used....and will be so much easier to lift than my heavy Kitchenaid mixer for quick, little tasks.

And, I found exactly what I've been looking for, for ages--a large, heavy oak framed mirror, with beveled glass, that works perfectly by our front door, for just twenty bucks.

At one garage sale last year, I completed my entire set of Noritake company china--with about two dozen pieces-- for  $25.00!

Not all my "treasures" prove to be great bargains.  I have  certainly made the fake Coach purse I thought was a steal  (oops!)  or a beautiful, dark navy Burberry wool coat that showed a lot of damage under the better lighting at home.--tiny holes all over.  Moths, maybe?

 So how about you?  Do you enjoy thrifting?  If so, what are some of the special treasures you have found?  Happy hunting!

And speaking of finding a bargain, for those who leave a comment on this blog, there will be a drawing for a free e-book, from any of my titles now available on Amazon.

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  1. I am not a garage sale person although we did find a ladder that we needed at a neighborhood garage sale.

  2. I love thrift stores and yard sales! I have found an electronic keyboard and a Baldwin Organ, and glass in the patterns I collect.

    1. What fun! Sounds like you are a good shopper with a keen eye! :)

    2. Hi again! You are my winner. Pick any of my ebooks on Amazon, and let me know the Amazon address to send it to!