Monday, March 6, 2017

Has Spring Come Early This Year?

Spring seems to have come early this year in many parts of the country with eighty degree heat in the Midwest and sunshine on the coasts. Time to break out the flip-flops and shorts, or will Old Man Winter come roaring back and freeze up all the ponds and creeks?

Spring means baseball, cleaning, and planting time. Up in wine country, the vintners await bud-breaking, where the first shoots grow from the vine. Anglers take out their tackle and gear and eagerly drop their hooks to catch fish who have grown big over the winter. And of course, down on the farm, the creatures get busy with foaling, calving, and hatching.

What do you like about spring? For me, it's spring sports, baseball, and my son's tennis season starting up again. We got a deluge of rain here in Northern California [a real blessing after six years of drought]. It's jogging near a swollen creek and smelling the cut green grass. Spring break and Easter vacation with the family, and strangely enough, planning to write Christmas books for the end of the year. I love spring flowers and walking around the lake where the birds are singing their blessed little hearts out and hummingbirds hover and flit.

Last spring, I visited Golden Gate Park and got an idea for a story, one that starts with a little stray kitten who climbs a tree too high, causing his owner to get rescued by the hunkiest fireman in town, Fire Chief Connor Hart.

Please share your spring experiences and take a look at my completely sweet and clean fireman romance, Spring Fling Kitty where a stray kitty brings firefighter Connor Hart and his fiancee's half-sister, Nadine Woo into a tug of war between love and loyalty.

Fire Chief Connor Hart is planning on marrying a doctor when he rescues her half-sister and her kitten from a tall tree.
Artist and poet Nadine Woo is down on her luck until she gets an interesting offer from her sister.
When Nadine takes her sister’s place at a spring fling weekend with Connor, love ignites. Can a spunky little kitty show Connor and Nadine that doing the wrong thing is sometimes right when it comes to love?
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  1. Spring seems to have come early for those of us in the Carolinas, also. And...I like everything about this beautiful season.

  2. Same here in Texas. The bluebonnets are blooming already. They started at the end of February. I love the wildflowers that come here in Texas. Breathtaking.

    1. I would love to see a Texas field of bluebonnets.

  3. My snowdrops all sprouted last week when we had record high 70s. Now, I'm keeping an eye on what the sub-zero weather we had the past couple of nights might do to them.

  4. Yes, it has in Oklahoma. It will be 75 today. We had 85 in February.

  5. It's beginning to look like spring here, too. I doubt we'll see anymore cold weather, but I guess you never know! We've gotten snow in March before.