Monday, March 27, 2017

Cultural Fun Facts as experience can be bold and fun

If I listened to the news all the time from around the world, I'd go mad and always live in fear. But that's so not me. Like my character in my novels, I'm curious about life and generally think people are good. I'm the only white American my age I ever met that went to Iran. Now yes I went to meet the in-laws, as that's the right thing to do, but I made my husband take me to the cultural sites too. I had a lot of fun, but this isn't about an old vacation. IT's about mixing in traditions and today I want to talk about the Sofreh Aghd. It's in the picture above, and Persians set up a special table for all the events. This is my and my husband at last year's where I was super pregnant.
Did you notice the colored eggs, cookies, honey, flowers, and apples? If so let's talk about them as Easter is about to hit us soon, and the same symbols are used for that too.

Now 3000 years ago (possibly more/possibly less), the Persians believed in one god, not many. People get confused with the Greeks all the time. And every year in March, it's time to celebrate new years, Nowruz. If you ask what year is it for the New Year, this can start a political discussion so it's best to not have that one as it depends on which calendar the celebrator follows and there are more than one. Both agree on the date for New Years. 

On the sofreh, you have all these symbols. Apples are for beauty. The mirror brings the light of God. Candles represent enlightenment. Cookies represent sweetness of life. Eggs represent fertility. And it's now tradition to go and get your picture taken at the Sofreh because it's beautiful and set up in celebration. 

For our wedding, we also had a Sofreh as it was easily combined into our wedding because really, does anyone object to beautiful settings?

So after St. Patrick's day in the US and before Easter, my family has this tradition too. Personally I will include anything I find beautiful in my own life.

And ohh did I mention I have a new book out in March called Keeping the Spy? I'm so excited about the story.
Liam has been in love with Sherry his whole life, but he's never had the courage to speak to her. He can shoot down enemies, take out foreign governments as a CIA spy, but he can't tell the one woman he ever wanted how he feels. Now she's in deep trouble and she needs help. So Liam is going to have to face his fears and save her.
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  1. Great post, Victoria. Very insightful. Thanks for sharing with us. Congrats on the new release.

  2. That's very interesting, Victoria. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your upcoming book.

  3. Really interesting Victoria. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing this interesting culture. I've always loved Persian food.