Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wedding Dresses by Melinda Curtis

My daughter gave me fair warning - her boyfriend is planning to propose to her this year.

Forget for a moment that this isn't spontaneous (although he might make it romantic, because he wouldn't tell her when - only that it would be this year). When your only daughter starts talking wedding, you occasionally find yourself looking at wedding dresses online.

So there I was, innocently looking at wedding dresses, when I realized those dresses looked more like prom dresses than what I would call a wedding dress. Call me old fashioned, but I consider too much black on a wedding dress to be a little morbid.

And then there are the colored ones. As much as I love Beauty & the Beast, I wouldn't want MY daughter to be married in Belle's yellow gown (if that makes you happy, by all means, go for it).

And then there are the ones with "princess" skirts or vintage lace - so prim and proper.

Mr. Curtis says all I've done so far is stress myself out - shouting during a football game about the horror of a wedding dress and practically jerking him out of his doze!

So tell me ladies, how's a mother to cope? Any advice?

Melinda Curtis is an award-winning USA Today bestseller. Her latest sweet romantic comedy release is book #5 in her popular Bridesmaid Series (a fact that hasn't helped her in this process at all) - The Bridesmaid Wore White.


  1. Melinda, I'm a bit old fashioned. I think I prefer the simple white (or some variant of that)wedding dress. Congrats on your daughter's soon to be upcoming wedding. You'll have to let us know how the process goes.

  2. This made me laugh! I, too, would love to see the dress your daughter decides on.

  3. My daughters both wore traditional dresses, and I loved them both. I was there when the younger one tried on dresses and picked out the one that was everyone's favorite. My other daughter looked at dresses with friends, and I didn't get to see anything but pictures. She made a wonderful choice. When did the white dress become popular? I seem to recall that years ago, women wore just fancy dresses of any color.

  4. In the end, just remember it's her special day. But maybe remind her that it's a special day for everyone else too. I'm sure she'll pick something perfect. My wedding dress was very reminiscent of Aurora's blue dress in Sleeping Beauty (except it was white) and had absolutely stunning embroidery and bead-work. Because it was from a discontinued line, we got a great price ($500 plus the alteration to take out a broken zipper and replace with lacing). Have her look at some of the discontinued gowns. Many of them are gorgeous and at half the price of current gowns.

  5. All the dresses are beautiful, Mel. Please keep us posted when your daughter decides.

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