Thursday, August 4, 2016

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

I hope you are enjoying the summer and a well-deserved vacation. Whether you are traveling, receiving company, or hosting children and grandchildren, don’t neglect your health. Remember it is so easy to catch germs when surrounded by people.

Here are a few precautions that help me maintain a good health while traveling or cruising.

1- I always take a tablet of Airborne before a flight. On all modern aircraft, passengers and crew breathe a mixture of fresh and recirculated air. Studies have shown that a crowded airplane is no more germ-laden than other enclosed spaces—and usually less. Yet, I prefer to play it safe and take my own precautions.

2- Gargle with Cepacol to kill germs in your mouth and throat. Years ago, I worked as a pharmaceutical chemist in the analytical laboratories of Dow Company. In every restroom, there were bottles of Cepacol. The company managers insisted that all employees gargle every time they visited the restroom. During the five years I put in practice this good advice, I never got sick.

3-Zinc fortifies the immune system. A daily tablet containing calcium/magnesium/zinc will increase your resistance to germs.

4- Don’t forget to take the flu vaccine. I have been taking it for twenty years. The only year I didn’t, I was so sick I ended up at the hospital. A lesson learned the hard way.

5- Use hand sanitizer. On a cruise ship, they will ask to use the sanitizer dispenser when you enter the restaurants. I noticed that cleansing-wipe dispensers have been appearing next to shopping carts at grocery stores.

And here is my mother’s golden rule: carefully wash all vegetables and fruits.



  1. Cepacol? I had no idea it was so effective. I'll definitely have to use it. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks, Mona. Cepacol is a good tip.