Saturday, August 27, 2016

Changing your Priorities with a newborn

So I'm super happy that I wrote last month's blog post on the 27th early and talked about impending motherhood. The truth was I became a mom on the 24th of July when my daughter showed up. (That's her in the pic.) She was slightly early, but still full term. And unlike most newborns, she's not sleeping all the time. She's awake alot and vocal. And honestly I thought people were joking/over-exaggerating about the whole 'no sleeping' at night once the baby was born. I now know better, but it's all good. 

So now that I know I'll be up and about with my little girl, the question becomes how to fit everything in. Do I write another chapter or do I pump milk? And when did that even become something possible. My life before this month was in many ways easier. I did what i wanted. My husband and I coming together to do things wasn't a hardship. He's fun and he's an adult so he can wash, feed and otherwise be fine on his own. This is not true with my baby. She needs me to do things for her and that's just the priority.

However babies do sleep and the question of how do I write is now, when does it fit into the schedule. When do I have twenty minutes? An hour would be glorious! However when there is a will, you can get it done. I want to teach my girl that she can accomplish anything she wants to in the world, so I have to set the example. And writing to me is not a hobby or a 'something to do when bored' thing. It's something I take serious in my life. So life is now readjusting but it's the best possible readjustment that I could ask for. 

It's no longer a question of 'who would ever call me mom' because now I see into her baby blue eyes (for now) and felt that the second she was born on the 24th and I saw her in person. (Does this make me a Doubting Thomas type as I needed to see with my eyes how and who was coming to change me? Hmm. This is something I'll now think about for the rest of the day.) I hope you are all having an amazing day yourself!


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!
    Yeppers, now life as you knew it is irrevocably changed! But truly, in a good way, and you'll adjust!
    I had twin boys so that was a bit of a deal! It all worked out and they are fine men now.

    Kathleen Bylsma

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Enjoy being a mom. They grow up before you know it.

  3. Congratulations to you and your husband! She's beautiful!