Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time is ticking as I wait for birth to happen

The weeks and days that you wait to give birth are far different than I imagined. Guess it's hard to imagine, but no one told me that in the third trimester contractions start early to prepare your body for the big day.
I thought it would just be kicks until the big day to push.
And as a scheduled person who likes to get things done on time, this unease of when the big day
arrives is also kind of stressful.
What's keeping me sane is how I love putting everything together. I know in old movies and magazines they say to let the husband put the changing table and crib together, but honestly, that's not me. I need to put things together and I found my electric drill. So I assembled all the furniture in our small place.
Our daughter will sleep on something I made her and it gives me a sense of purpose that the day's work is done.
I also avoid the heat and humidity as much as possible. I live in Florida, near the beach and every time I step outside I feel like I'm melting.
The weekly doctor's visits remind me that any moment life is about to change is scary and exciting. I want it to be done, but at the same time I'm scared out of my mind.
Then there is the writing. This summer has been editing and writing for me. At least this keeps my mind on something other than the baby and I get to be a bit of myself.
Who will be the next heroine of the next book? I don't know, but at least this was fun to try to figure out and start.
But then every other second, I'm back to wondering if I'm ready to be a mom and do we have everything. Is there something else I can be doing that keeps the stress low but helps me understand. Probably not. I'd have found it.
This whole about to give birth thing is nothing like the movies. It's kind of painful. It's kind of sweet. It's kind of anxious. It's kind of exciting. I have always loved secret baby stories. It's my secret crack that I love to pick up at a book story and read for a few hours. I guess now I want to read one where the father makes it back before giving birth.
I cannot imagine going through all this without my husband. If I say, I need or can you get me, he's right there. I know so many single moms do it on their own and I say 'that's awesome,' but for me, I waited a long time to even find a guy I'd like to marry. I assumed I'd be single forever and sometimes my life seems like this amazing trade off I made. Other times it's just shocking and real and amazing.
So does anyone have any Secret Baby recommendations for novels where the guy makes it back in time for the big day? I seriously want to read that novel. It sounds like something that will make my mind be easier as I wait for my own big day. (I'm sure next month's post will be about being a first time mom with a baby at home.


  1. Waiting is the hardest part. Here's to a short delivery and wonderful bundle of joy!

  2. I avoided the 9th month wait and worry about being ready by having our daughter six weeks early, not that I recommend that approach. All the best to you and your husband and your daughter to be. I'll be watching for the happy announcement.