Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moving Day

My family and I just moved. Not far. Actually, only about two miles down the street. Even when you aren't moving far, it can be chaotic and a big change. Along the way, I learned some surefire ways to stay sane during the move.

1. Do your best to keep things organized:

Lists of addresses to change and things to do, labeled boxes, and a detailed calendar helped a lot. There are honestly too many details to remember when moving, so you'll need some systems to keep everything on track.

2. Get the important parts of the home set up first:

For me, this was the kitchen and the kids' rooms. The kids feeling at home and having meals together at the table were the most important things to keep our family happy.

3. Enlist plenty of help:

If you can afford movers, hire them. If you have family members or friends willing to help, invite them over and buy them pizza. Moving is a lot to handle on your own. Get some help.

4. Remember to budget for extra expenses:

Moving can be filled with unknown expenses. Some pieces of refrigerator trim got lost and cost $60 to replace. We were living with family between moves, so I had to restock the pantry and refrigerator. We had connection fees for our utilities. Don't let these little things catch you off guard because they can add up quickly.

5. Take advantage of the clean slate:

As you pack and unpack, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that extra stuff you don't need and to organize the things you keep. If you haven't used it since the last time you moved or if you forgot you even had it, donate it! If you're packing your forty-second throw blanket, maybe it's time to pare down.

6. Don't sweat the small stuff:

It can be stressful when the cable and internet don't get hooked up for two weeks (Sigh-I'm talking from experience here), and when the 18-month-old throws up on the brand new carpet three days after you move in (Again, this really happened.) But a new home is a fresh start. A new place to make new memories. The boxes can wait. Go run around with the kids in the back yard. Take a walk around the new neighborhood. Enjoy it!

What about you? When was the last time you moved? Do you plan to make a move in the future? 


  1. Julie, I never budget for the extra expenses - such a good point!

  2. Julie, best wishes on your recent move. I've moved a lot, and it is always a good time to clear out the clutter.

  3. Great tips, especially about budgeting for unplanned expenses because they always, always pop up. Wishing you happy days ahead in your new home!