Thursday, October 29, 2015

Children in my books

Homework was done and Nine-year-old couldn’t watch her usual fun shows as grandpa was monopolizing the TV with his boring news about some hearing. So what can a Nine-year-old do when she has nothing to do and it’s not yet bedtime?

Play of course. Except that Grandma doesn’t know many games. One wonders how Grandma had graduated from school and college without learning some simple games as Money-Money and Master Brain. So be it. Nine-year-old  took a few minutes to teach Grandma, not thoroughly, because this way, Nine-year-old could beat Grandma so easily.

Then we played Monopoly. Now that was annoying because Grandma obviously knew this game and started winning. Honestly, the game became boring. Can you enjoy a game when you are losing to your old Grandma? Okay, so Nine-year-old took a break to put her pjs and then to eat an ice cream, but Grandma kept winning. So frustrating! That’s when Nine-year-old decided she was tired and stopped the game before we knew who won.

Now you know why I love writing about children and babies, and where I found my inspiration.

Tomorrow is RELEASE DAY for Book 5 in the Holiday Babies Series.
CHRISTMAS PAPA reached the USA Today bestseller list as part of Sweet Christmas Kisses 2.

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Single  mother, Monica Roland, is pretty enough to attract any man she wants, but to keep him is a different ballgame. The moment a serious boyfriend learns of her past or meets her adorable twins, he feels the urge to move two-thousand miles away, like Jake Carlton, a doctor who works in Alaska and is “dating” her long distance.
Until Michael kisses her…
But Michael Wheeler is a playboy who hates commitment. Fed up with the men around her, Monica moves forward with her life, putting her children and education before anything else.
Can Michael convince her that having a career doesn’t preclude love?



  1. I love children's books (and hate Monopoly). You are such a good grandma.

  2. I love children in books but often wonder whether readers of romance like children in the stories. My next book has a cute 5 year old. Time will tell whether readers like her.