Sunday, September 13, 2015


Have you ever looked around your house and wondered ‘where did I get all this stuff?’ Or possibly ‘why do I have so much stuff?’

I’ve been in relocation mode for a while now so the issue has really come home to me. For the first time in my life we hired movers to do the heavy lifting. Our stuff filled half a semi. And although the movers assured us that they’ve been hired by people with a lot more (three semi loads!! God save me.) I’m still overwhelmed with the amount of sheer tangible items that we own. And why? Who needs it? I half hoped the truck would just drive off into the night and never find our new domicile. Then we could start fresh. I mean, buying stuff is the fun part, right? Getting rid of it…not so great, especially when it’s other people’s detritus. 

We bought a chain saw and rented a dumpster the size of Manhattan to clean out the barnsyard but we haven’t had much time to focus on the house since my four naughty horses broke out the first night they were here, effectively convincing us to concentrate on fencing. But here they are in their new digs.

So what about you, if all your stuff was shoved into a trailer never to be seen again what would you miss most?

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Lois Greiman is the award-winner author of more than forty books. Romantic Times called her latest novel, Hearth Stone, “…a great book with a wonderful message.”


  1. Lois, moving is never fun. We've moved at least a dozen times, and that's not counting the temporary to the permanent moves. Each time I would get rid of stuff. In our last move I threw out things that I had been hauling around for years like our year books and my wedding dress. Yes, I got rid of my wedding dress. It was just hanging in the closet turning yellow. Why keep it? These days I would hate to give up my computer.

  2. You're a brave woman to operate a chain saw. I draw the line at the vacuum