Sunday, September 6, 2015

Moving by Patricia Forsythe

We seem to have a theme going here.  Yesterday, Roxanne Rustand talked about cleaning closets and clearing space.  Last month on this blog, I talked about decluttering as I get ready to move and downsize.  Since that time, I have packed about forty boxes which are temporarily stored in a shed on my property, made numerous trips to Goodwill, called a charitable organization to haul away good, but not needed items, and a junk removal and recycling company to carry off, well, just plain junk.  And still, there’s more. 

Interestingly, I’ve discovered that the more I do this, the more ruthless I become.  I find that I’m ridding myself of things that once had sentimental value, but don’t mean as much now.  I even came across a box that I had long ago labeled ‘Things We’ll Never Use Again, But Can’t Bear To Part With’ which I vaguely recall packing about twenty-five years ago.  It contained some of my kids’ school papers from their elementary days, but also several things that I held up and asked, “Why the heck did I think I wanted to save that?”  Kept the school papers, tossed the mystery items.       

While I’ve been doing this, people have been fleeing war zones and unstable homelands, hoping for a better life in Europe.  They leave almost everything behind as they run toward safety.  This made me wonder what precious items I would take if I had to run for my life.  I’d probably grab only the most necessary items – practical shoes, not the adorable red sandals with flowers on the strap.  I would take serviceable clothes like jeans and t-shirts.  I might need a fleece jacket more than a silk sweater.  Definitely, I’d take my laptop so I could make notes, store memories, and write stories.  One thing I’ve noticed that the refugees take is each other.  They struggle to keep their families together, reminding me that it’s the people in our lives that matter, not the things.

How about you?  What would you take if you had to leave suddenly?

Patricia Forsythe is the author of many romances, both traditionally and electronically published.  Her most recent book was Her Lone Cowboy, a Harlequin Heartwarming novel available in June 2015.  Visit her at   Her next book will be Lucky Break Christmas: Second Honeymoon in the Sweet Christmas Kisses 2  anthology.
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  1. Great post Patricia! You're so right. When we think of the painful choices so many people make every day about what to take as they flee for safety, it's clear that having loved one is all that really matters. We are blessed in this country to have access to so many things, but that can be a curse because they can distract us from what counts most- loving relationships with others and ourselves. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I had to chuckle when I read about your ‘Things We’ll Never Use Again, But Can’t Bear To Part With’ box because I have one, too!