Sunday, April 26, 2015

You're Invited to Take a Coffee Break!

Do you take coffee breaks? The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a coffee break as “a short period for rest and refreshments,” so clearly drinking actual coffee doesn’t have to be a part of it. Many people prefer hot tea or something cold like lemonade, though I admit to being an avid coffee drinker myself.

When I worked full-time, coffee breaks were often impromptu events that occurred near the office coffeepot. Colleagues would run into each other while refilling their mugs and chat briefly, while enjoying a pause in their routine. Some employers schedule coffee breaks by giving employees pre-set windows of time when they’re encouraged to take respites from their regular duties.

Now that I write for a living and run my own schedule, I find coffee breaks are even more valuable than you’d expect. The upside to being my own boss is that I can work whenever I want. That is also the downside, because the pressure to continually perform, write more and meet deadlines is always there, whether or not an editor or vendor representative is looking over my shoulder. In my push to produce and succeed, it’s often easy to forget to slow down and take time for myself. That’s why coffee breaks are so important.

I’m not the only author who feels this way. We at Sweet Romance Reads understand the importance of coffee breaks, and taking a breather from our regular routines to relax and chat with our friends. Toward that end we’ve set up the new Sweet Romance Reads Café, where readers and SRR authors can gather in a friendly environment to share fun posts of a “sweet” nature (i.e., G to PG type material) and discuss one of our passions, our SRR authors’ books. To keep things lively, we’ll be offering regular giveaways with chances to win some of those books as well as Amazon gift cards. I hope you’ll stop by and join us today, and take a short coffee break for yourself!

Join the Sweet Romance Reads Café here:

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  1. Taking a coffee break-great idea Since I work at home alone too--I don't usually.

    I like the FB Cafe too!

    1. I agree, Lyn. The Cafe is awesome! I'm already making so many new friends there. Fun! :)