Wednesday, April 8, 2015

He’s My Brother by Kristin Wallace

Today is special because it happens to be my brother’s birthday. He’s 4 years older, so yes I’m the younger sister. (I’ll always be able to tease about that.) When we were younger the age gap seemed wider. Not so much anymore. I think we probably both wonder where the time went.

We don't really look like this anymore
Sibling relationships are special. There is the shared experience of being raised together. The family vacations, the fights (yes we had them), holidays. We are certainly a case of people who are related but who are completely different. Big Brother has always been very outgoing and athletic. The jokester and center of the party. Meanwhile, I was the one sitting in the corner at the party…and forget sports. Give me a book and I’m happy. My brother was a champion swimmer and I spent a large part of my childhood at swim meets. Yet, he was also my champion at times. He even once confronted a bully who'd been tormenting me at school. These days we only see each other a few times a year, but we still share the memories. We can still laugh at the same stories and we’ll always have each other.

Do you have siblings? Are you youngest, oldest or middle? What’s your role in the family? Leader, rebel, peacemaker? Are you close now? Please share!

Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of inspirational romance and women’s fiction filled with "Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith". She is the author of the Covington Falls Chronicles, romances set in a fictional Southern town with a character all its own. Visit her website at Kristin Wallace Author 


  1. I'm an only child, but always enjoy hearing sibling stories. Yours sounds like a special relationship, Kristin. Happy birthday to your brother!

  2. I love hearing how close you are to your brother!
    My parents thought they were finished raising children when I came along. My siblings were 19, 17, and 14 when I was born. My oldest brother married before I turned two and his daughter was born right after I turned four. In some ways, I feel like the oldest because I was close to my brother's kids growing up.

  3. Shanna I had a friend like that growing up, only they're even more spread out. Her mother was pregnant with her at the oldest sister's wedding! The closest was 8 years older.

  4. I'm the oldest and have three younger brothers. We are spread across the US, so we don't get to see each other very often. Now that I live in AZ, we are all west of the Mississippi for the first time in years.

  5. I can't imagine having a brother. I had two sisters, both younger than me. Most of my memories are of my middle sister as my youngest is 8 years younger. We are all good friends now but we did fight back then!

  6. I have two sisters and three brothers. We live in the same city, so I am able to see them whenever I want. We all have families of our own, but get everyone together at summer picnics and some holidays. We fought a lot growing up, but get along very well now. Some of us have moved away, but ended up moving back.