Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Perfect Christmas: Flash Fiction by Shaleen Kapil

Flash fiction is an extremely brief short story, approximately 300-500 words in length. It tells a story in a "flash," a quick scene. I hope you enjoy this Christmas Treat!

It didn’t feel like Christmas. Selena was sad, but she tried hard not to show it. The children would pick it up and want to know why, and they already had enough sadness in their lives. Selena didn’t want to add to it.
Four months ago, Christmas had seemed so far away that she hadn’t really thought of what it would be like not to be at home for Christmas. Her first Christmas away from family. She missed sitting near the fire watching old holiday movies and singing with her sister.
 Still, she wouldn’t have given up this experience, no matter how painful the holidays were. She had followed her new husband, Shane, and his work for his nonprofit establishing schools to India. It was wonderful, rewarding work to see orphan girls like Veejaya come out their shells. Seeing her husband caring for and helping all of these children had allowed Selena to fall even more deeply in love, and she hadn’t known that was possible.
Veejaya skipped into the little classroom. With two long braids hanging down her back and a toothy grin, Selena couldn’t help but smile.
“Miss, miss,” the little girl said, pulling on her hand. “Come, please.”
The little girl led her down the hall to the room that functioned as office, living room, and library. Selana’s mouth dropped open when she saw how it had been transformed. Blue paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling, and diwas, Indian candles in small pots, burned from the tables. A Christmas tree made of strips of newspaper painted green was pinned to the wall.
Shane stood in the middle of the room with a small wrapped box. “Merry Christmas,” he said cheerfully.
Veejaya pushed a button on the remote to the small T.V. and a video player that must have been borrowed. The movie White Christmas began playing, and Selena began to cry.
 “I remembered how much you and your sister loved to watch and act out this movie, so I brought it along.”
            “It’s perfect!” Selena shouted as she rushed into Shane’s arms. She was already planning to teach the “Sisters” dance steps to Veejaya.
Holding Selena close, Shane whispered. “It isn’t much of a gift, but inside that box are adoption papers for Veejaya. If you approve, she can come back with us when we leave in two months.”

This Christmas was better than Selena ever could have imagined. A perfect Christmas.

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Shaleen Kapil has never spent Christmas in India, but she visits often. She is the author of None But You, a sweet romance available in ebook & print formats

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  1. Really great story, Shaleen. Thanks!

  2. What a sweet Christmas story that shows us the best gifts are not those we buy in stores. Thank you Shaleen.