Thursday, December 4, 2014

Are you ready for Christmas?

Let's see if I am ready.
1. Christmas tree? check, with a two-foot tree standing on a side table and decorated with a string of tiny lights and chocolate balls wrapped in color foil. My grandchildren will have a blast with these after dinner.
2- Christmas decorations in the living room? check, my granddaughters helped me put them since before Thanksgiving. It was a way to keep them busy on a rainy afternoon.
3-Christmas cards. Nope. My husband said we’ll send emails this year.
4-Christmas letter. I’ve written one every year for the past five years. I really don’t feel like doing it this year, not when I’m trying to finish my Christmas book way overdue.
5-Shopping for presents: blessed be the Internet and on-line shopping.
6-Cooking: I still have three weeks. And I bought many goodies baked by the ladies of my church.

So what am I doing during this Christmas season?
Visiting doctors for several problems and buying my medicines before the new insurance kicks off at twice the previous rate.
In addition three friends and a relative are in the hospital for various problems. One is terminal in the hospice and the other is a young mom with two small children and lung cancer. Please pray for her.
Too many depressive items. And yet T’is the Season to be Jolly. Not really here. Not this season, as we wonder collectively: “What’s happening this year?”
The national news are lousy, and the international not much better.
To overcome the gloomy mood, I count my blessings every day and try to convince myself that anything that can be cured is no big deal.
So yes, it’s the Season to be Jolly. My kids and grandchildren will be here for Christmas. My house will turn into a happy noisy mess. The parents will warn the kids to behave and I’ll warn the parents to bug off. In my house, the grandchildren always behave, but they are free to play, sing, and shout as much as they want. Sometimes, I swear their parents are the ones who need to take time out.
Oh and I have two boxes with sweet and not so sweet romantic comedies on Amazon. Make them part of your reading relaxation or gift them to your relatives and friends for Christmas.

HOLIDAY BABIES SERIES: A box set of three bestselling books.
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  1. Blessings to you and those you're concerned about, Mona!

  2. My, you certainly sound organized! You put me to shame with your list! So sorry to hear of your medical issues and that you have friends and family battling serious illnesses. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Blessing on you and yours this Christmas, Mona. What fun and merriment those grandchildren will bring to your house. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Ginny, I spend my life making lists. I love nothing more than to draw a line on my done item. LOL Thank you for the prayers. My friend and young relative badly need them.

  3. You are much more organized than I am on the holiday front, my friend.

    1. No organized but compulsive I guess. When you see all the stores and even the airports decorated in red and green, I guess you can start panicking.

  4. Good luck with those items yet to be finished. I won't say how jealous I am of the items you've finished, because I am also NOT jealous of your health challenges. Happy New Year to you.

    1. Hi Caro, you still have plenty of time. I'm sure you'll be ready to enjoy your holiday.

  5. I came across a Christmas doily my aunt crocheted for me and put it out on my dining room table. Does that count?

    1. Of course it counts. See, your decorations are almost done.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your houseful of grandchildren. I'm sure you will!