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It's 2002 Again ~ Jean C. Gordon

This month, my retrospective moves to 2002, and my third Avalon Romance. Each month, until I run out of years in which I had a published book, I'm sharing a retrospective of my books and tidbits about writing them here on my usual monthly blogging date.

My First Award-winning Book

Mandy and the Mayor, in its proposal form—three chapters and a synopsis—was the winner of the New Jersey Romance Writers 1999 Put Your Heart in a Book Contest for Short Contemporary Romance. I worked on it before Love Undercover and targeted it to Harlequin's Silhouette Romance, which paid far better than Avalon. Despite the award, Silhouette didn't buy it, so I submitted it to Avalon Books, which did.

The Hardcover Release ~
April 1, 2002

The last place Mandy Harris would choose to spend her summer is Whitmore Mills, a sleepy village in the Adirondack Mountains. She far prefers city life. But the village needs a director for its summer recreation program, and the deal is too good to pass up. The compensation includes a grant to pay off her student loans, and the experience will look great on her teaching résumé. The only difficult part is her boss, Mayor Whitmore.

Thaddeus Whitmore is intent on vindicating his family name and returning prosperity to his dying hometown. His father plunged the community into economic decline when he closed the family lumber mill to meet the divorce demands of his “trophy” wife. Thad’s remedy is to turn the old mill buildings into a high-class resort. He has studiously planned for every imaginable obstacle except the arrival of Mandy Harris.

While Thad’s great Aunt Aggie plays matchmaker, Mandy and Thad clash on everything, from her hiring to her recreation programs to his resort plans. More than a few sparks fly in the process. But are they enough to burn through Mandy and Thad’s differences and ignite the flame of everlasting love?

The Covers

Which do you like better, the hardcover (left) or the eBook's? I'm partial to the hardcover. And how many of you have read Mandy and the Mayor?

Hardcover and eBook/KU

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