Friday, June 28, 2024

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A HEART OF STONE,  A Christian Romantic Suspense

A wounded hero, an orphaned baby and a heroine with a secret.

He lost his only sister and then her child.

After his sister’s death in an auto accident, Cash Langley expects to raise his niece. But when her will is read, he gets a painful jolt. Instead, Dena left the baby in her best friend’s custody, not him. How could she betray him like that?

When she learns this, she is shocked too.

Jane Everett grew up next door to the Langleys. When Dena was a child and Cash, a teen, their mother abandoned the family. Afterward Dena spent more and more time with the next door neighbors.

They come to a compromise.

 Cash grudgingly agrees to raise his young niece alongside Jane, uprooting his business and moving to the northwoods. Having Cash in her daily life stresses Jane. The closer Cash is the more the chance that he’ll find out her secret—she’s loved him silently for years. In the midst of this chaotic situation, strange and concerning things begin happening at Jane’s dress shop. Who is sabotaging her business and why?

 Can these two wounded hearts overcome their differences--and perhaps build a new family together? Only if his heart of stone can be softened. Perhaps by the truth—why the baby was given to Jane. From a Carol Award-winning author, a faith-filled, secret love romance with a touch of mystery.

“What a scenario for a custody battle. Expected a different kind of mystery. Was surprised but certainly not disappointed. Kept me on the edge of my seat at times following Jane, Angie, and Cash as they struggled with their new reality. Jane leaned on God for guidance while Cash depended on himself. Could they work things out for Angie's best?”

“Good, Clean, Edge of your seat read.”

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