Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Discovering Bookish Treasures In The Most Unexpected Places by Merri Maywether

I stepped off the plane in Amsterdam, not expecting much beyond the usual hustle and bustle of an airport. On top of that, we had a four-hour layover and didn’t know what we would do. 

Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered a hidden gem within Schiphol Airport: a library!

Yes, you read that right—a library in the airport! For a book lover and sweet romance writer like me, this was akin to stumbling upon a secret oasis in the middle of a bustling desert. Our long layover suddenly turned into an adventure that felt like it was straight out of one of my novels.

Our first stop was the library's art wall. A screen scrolled through pictures. People could sit on a bench and watch for however long they liked and would never grow bored. 

There were books in Dutch and English and titles for adults and children. 

One of the most charming corners was the coloring center. 

The reading corners were abundant. I settled into one of the comfy seats to write this quick note. 

And if that wasn’t delightful enough, a young woman sat at the piano and played several classical pieces. When she finished, another traveler took her place. 

My librarian personality must transcend countries because a young child, mistaking me for the library staff, brought me to his parents to ask if I could check out a book for him. We all laughed. 

Who would have thought that layover became one of our trip's highlights? The Schiphol Airport library is a treasure trove of art, literature, and creativity.

Moments like these inspire my sweet romance stories. They remind me that we never know when something will happen that will make us say wow, I’m glad I took that risk. 

Share Your Bookish Treasures

Have you ever stumbled upon a bookish treasure trove during your travels? I’d love to hear your stories! Share your experiences in the comments below.


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