Monday, June 19, 2023

Sweet Romance Chronicles: Celebrating Dads, Love, and Family by Merri Maywether

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but I’m extending it a day further because I love writing about dads. Sometimes they are portrayed as ideal–others as guys bumbling their way through life. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

I love the moments when the fathers in books or movies are transparent. When they show that they had the best of intentions and handled situations with what life had given them. In those moments, they teach their children that life is about trying to do the right thing. 

This month, I’m sharing a favorite scene from Home For Good. Brock Buchanan has returned home after a successful military career. In this scene, his father, Stanley, thought he’d show Brock how to get his love interest’s attention. Until it backfired, and Brock, out of concern for his father, called an ambulance. 


“My wife will be bothering me when she finds out I’m here.” 

“You’re right about that love of my life.” Irene marched straight to the side of the bed. “I knew you looked slightly off when you left this morning.”

“You did?” Stanley melted in front of everyone. “Why didn’t you say something?” 

“I worry about you too much. If I mentioned it every time I was concerned, you wouldn’t believe me when it mattered.” She took her hand in his. “What happened?” 

Stanley shot Brock a silent glare. His face softened when he spoke to Irene. “I ate chili that didn’t agree with me. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to hurt the cook’s feelings. Your son overreacted.” 

Irene tried to confirm the information with Brock, who remained silent in the face of his father’s quiet warnings. 

In a show of support for Brock, Katie crossed her arms in front of her and used the face she gave her son when she knew he wasn’t telling the full story.

Under the pressure of her mother’s eye, Stanley stammered, “My energy left me. And, I did need a seat.” 

“Hmm hmm.” Katie nodded to encourage him to continue with the story. 

“Brock may have tried to give me an aspirin, and I may have returned it with the contents of my stomach.” 

She nodded. 

“And.” He sighed his surrender. “Okay, I said I felt dizzy and didn’t know if I could walk. I didn’t know your son would call 911. I wanted him to see how a good woman nurtures a man. Except, he took over.” 

Katie covered her mouth with her hand to hide the mixture of shock and laughter. 

“Dad?” Brock whined. 


Even though the plan backfired, Dad’s good intentions came through. Stanley, along with Brock’s family, have several sweet moments in Home For Good. When we think about it, isn’t that what fathers and family are all about? 

And so, dear readers, as we reflect on the endearing and sometimes comical moments that fathers bring to the world of sweet romance, let us remember the essence of their role. Whether they're portrayed as flawed yet lovable or as the epitome of perfection, fathers in these stories remind us that life is about trying to do the right thing, even when our plans don't go as expected.

In "Home For Good," Stanley's attempt to help his son win the affection of his love interest may have taken an unexpected turn, but it's in these sweet moments that we witness the true essence of fatherhood and family.

So grab a copy of this heartwarming tale, and allow yourself to be captivated by the delightful mishaps, unconditional love, and the undeniable bond that fathers share with their families. Because in the world of sweet romance, fathers are the unsung heroes who teach us the most valuable lessons about love and life.

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