Saturday, April 1, 2023

Lyn Cote Asks: Adoption? Has it touched your life?

 I ask this because it is the thread that ties together the 4 books in my brand new series, “The Preacher’s Daughters.” Here’s the scoop:

Three sisters with a mission to find their mother’s birth family. 

Nearly two years ago their mother was diagnosed with leukemia. None of the three sisters were a match for a possible bone marrow transplant. Even though their mom is now in remission, this left them feeling shaky. What if the leukemia came back? They need to widen the search for a genetic match. But their mom refuses to try to find her birth parents, feeling it’s disloyal to her wonderful adoptive parents.

And in the midst of their quest, God has plans of his own for each sister (and a couple of cousins). Hannah, Abby, and Lucy each find themselves tested with circumstances that try their patience and faith. And each find that God’s plan includes a love of her own.

So are you adopted? Did you adopt a child(ren)? Please share your experience here. I will gift an ebook to the first two commenters. I have friends who were adopted and some who have adopted. Every story has its own twists, some happy, some sad. I want to hear your story!—Lyn 

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