Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Have you ever had a crazy pet? Roxanne Rustand


When possible, I enjoy slipping some of my past and present horses and pets into my novels.   

Last month, I talked about my crazy childhood horse Cherokee--17 hands of lovable horse with a penchant for adventure. He often escaped, usually by wiggling under the pasture fences. 

Cherokee appears in my February Christian romantic  suspense novel CHRISTMAS DANGER.  Click here to find it on Amazon.

LETHAL PURSUIT is the second book in my Southwest Peril series, and is available for pre-order right now. Its release date is April 11th.  Our vagabond Schipperke Cinder appears in this book!  Here's a quick description:

What happens when a woman loses nearly everything--her husband, her home,  and her reputation, and is suspected of a crime she didn't commit?

A legacy, her late aunt's small-town cafe in the middle-of-nowhere, is her chance to rebuild a secure life for her little girl, though dusty little Lone Wolf, Texas might not be quite ready for the ruffles and lace cafe she has in mind. That can all be sorted out. But when a dangerous stranger follows her there...

Oh--and about Cinder? She appears as Viper in the story. She was nine pounds of fierce, dauntless canine independence with a dense black coat, a lion's ruff of a mane, no tail, and ears like a fox. 

She loved to cuddle upside in my husband's arms, and at that angle, we all thought she was the image of a fruit bat. She was devoted to him, but barely tolerated the rest us, had a volatile temper, and she too had a penchant for escaping! 

Leave a comment, and you'll be in a drawing for a free Kindle copy of  WOLF CREEK DANGER!  All of the book titles mentioned here are live links if you want to find out more about them.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter,

Roxanne Rustand

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