Saturday, November 20, 2021

Quilt Expos by Janice Lynn

 So, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to do a book signing at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Nashville, Tn. I'd never been to a quilt expo, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect other than there would be quilts. What fun, y'all?! And, how amazingly talented are the folks at these shows?! My book signing was at 3, but I arrived a couple of hours early so I could walk around and look at the quilts and do some shopping. I may be too ashamed to ever post another photo of one of my quilts, because let me just tell you, the artistry of these quilts is just mind blowing. I'm going to post photos of just a few of my favorites, but there were so many that it's difficult to choose. 

This first quilt was just so eye-catching with it's dark background and it's brightly colored embroidery. Just absolutely gorgeous work.

 This next beauty has varied blocks and applique and was stunning. 

This photo was of one of the booths where you could buy material, kits, and premade goodies. And then next is another of some gorgeous embroidery work on quilts. Truly, photos just don't do these quilts justice.

This quilt was one of my favorites!

 I've always seen quilting as a form of artwork, and attending a quilt expo definitely highlighted that. One wall displayed beautiful quilted panels. There were so fabulous 

My book signing went well. I loved getting to meet so many who share my passion for quilting and for books. 

I obviously love quilts. My books feature some very special quilts called Quilts of Valor. These quilts are meant to heal and welcome our military home.  

Do you have any special quilts in your life? Perhaps that a grandmother made or that someone gave to you as a gift? Have you ever been to a quilt expo or show? 

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